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Best equipment in Warzone: Stats reveal most popular lethal & tactical

Published: 29/Aug/2020 13:05

by Connor Bennett


New stats have revealed the most popular and least popular equipment to use in Warzone, and the results might not be too surprising to anyone who grinds out matches in Verdansk. 

As the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seasons have unfolded, the meta in Warzone has been shaken up a little bit. To kick things off, thermal scopes were all the rage, before players starting switching weapons and using LMGs. 

Since the Season 5 Reloaded update, the FiNN LMG has become the new toast of Verdansk, but you can’t end up the victor without having a stellar loadout. That means you’ve got to perfectly pick your equipment too. 


While most players will conform to the meta, others will stick with what they feel comfortable with. But what are the most popular pieces of equipment in Warzone up to now?

A smoke grenade in Warzone's loadout menus
The smoke grenade, while perfect for flanks, isn’t too popular in Warzone.

Well, new stats from LootShare have revealed that perhaps unsurprisingly, C4 is by far and away the most popular piece of equipment in Warzone.

According to the website’s data, it’s used by almost 80% of Warzone players. The heartbeat sensor, which can play a vital role in the late game, follows close behind with over 71% usage, making it the most popular tactical piece of equipment. 

Though it sits in third, the Stun Grenade lags way behind the top two with only 18% usage, while the fourth-placed Semtex is in the single digits at 5.4%.


Ranking of Warzone's most popular pieces of equipment
Warzone players have decided on what equipment works and what doesn’t.

As for the least popular, that’s a closely fought battle between the Decoy Grenade and the Molotov Cocktail. While the latter can be deadly in the early, early part of a game, it only has a usage rate of 1.4%. The Decoy, on the other hand, doesn’t even reach 1.0%, clocking in at 0.6%.

It might be surprising to some players that the Stim shot isn’t last, given that you auto regen health in Warzone, but it can be somewhat useful if you’re in a late-game firefight.