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Best Echo shotgun loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile

Published: 11/Sep/2020 14:35

by Connor Bennett


CoD Mobile fans can wield a brand new weapon in the form of the semi-auto Echo shotgun in Season 10, The Hunt. So, here’s an early class setup that should have you topping the leaderboards. 

Call of Duty Mobile has finally made the leap to Season 10, which has been given the name of The Hunt. 

As had been confirmed during Season 9, Terminal is available as a multiplayer map, and Headquarters has finally debuted as a new mode. On top of that, you’ve also got a new weapon added to the weapon pool.

Again, as expected, this is a shotgun with the Echo being added to the mix. Though it might be called Echo, Modern Warfare fans will recognize it as the Origin 12 Shotgun that has become a big part of the meta in Warzone. 


CoD Mobile character in Season 10
CoD Mobile Season 10, The Hunt, has brought plenty of new content with maps, weapons, and more.

Best Echo shotgun class in CoD Mobile Season 10

Given that its such a popular weapon in Warzone, you might expect it to be super powerful in CoD Mobile – and you’d be right. Though, you do have to set it up in the right way. 

The shotgun has solid enough base damage and accuracy, but throw on both the Muzzle and the MIP Laser 5mW, and you’ll see things start to look even better. 

As you’ll be doing the majority of your fighting at close quarters, you’ll also want speed on your side. That’s why you should take the 12 Round Reload as your ammunition and Sleight of Hand as a perk. You’ll be able to reload super quick while in a jam. 


  • Muzzle: Choke.
  • Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel.
  • Laser: MIP Laser 5mW
  • Ammunition: 12 Round Reload
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

How to unlock the Echo shotgun in CoD Mobile

If you’re wondering how to unlock the new Shotgun, you don’t have to worry about having luck with the lucky draw or having to grind through 50 or so levels. 

No, instead, the weapon is available at level 21 of the Season 10 battle pass. Simply play some games, hit the required level, and you’ll then unlock the weapon. It really is that easy. 

Of course, to make sure you hit your full potential with the weapon, you will have to start from the bottom and play games with it. The more kills you rack up, the higher your weapon level will be, which means more attachments for you to use. So, happy hunting.