Best CoD player to never win Champs? Enable & Pacman debate

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With some time before CDL 2021 Stage 4, Reverse Sweep’s Enable, Pacman, and Katie Bedford tackled a historic Call of Duty question: Who are the best CoD players to never win Champs?

Big stats, highlight plays, and earnings will always earn recognition, but there is no greater sign of CoD success than glory at Champs. Still, some of the best players ever haven’t won a ring — so Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker, and Katie Bedford broke down the best of the ringless. 

Each Reverse Sweep analyst selected one player who they think is the greatest of all time to not win a CoD Champs, including both retired and currently active players.

The best CoD players to never win Champs

Enable got things started with his own former teammate, Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams, while Pacman opted for Ulysses ‘AquA’ Silva. In contrast to those two current Call of Duty League pros, Bedford went for her retired co-host, Enable. Here’s how each argued for their picks.

Enable had to go with a former teammate, who currently is a star for LA Thieves: “It has to be Kenny. Kenny’s gotten second at back-to-back Champs, World War II and Black Ops 4 … He was hands-down the best WWII player.”

Pointing out that Kenny was not only dominant in a number of games, but also came close to winning Champs, Enable felt comfortable calling him the best ringless CoD player ever.

Kenny and Enable nearly won CoD Champs together with Team Kaliber.

For Pacman’s selection, he went with a current Paris Legion player whose current struggles can’t overwhelm his former dominance: “[AquA] might be getting dogged now, but there was a point where he was truly nasty and the true hard carry for the team.”

And this is a point Enable couldn’t help but agree with, comparing AquA’s run to Allen Iverson’s in the NBA — where the Hall of Famer was talented enough to carry unimpressive teams deep into the playoffs.

While both Enable and Pacman chose hard carries who were inches away from winning rings, Bedford went with the homer pick: Enable.

Noting that Enable was on those same second-place teams as Kenny, the analyst pointed out that the current Reverse Sweep analyst was dominant across multiple FPS titles and easily could have come away with a ring.

100 Thieves Cwl Las Vegas Reaction Kenny Octane Enable Slasher

While the Reverse Sweep crew have some strong answers, there are obviously other players who also deserve a nod. Guys like Joe ‘Merk’ DeLuca and Raymond ‘Rambo’ Lussier have popularly gotten mentions on YouTube and social media.

Hit those YouTube comments, though, and let us know who you think is the best ringless CoD player of all time!

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