Call of Duty

Behind the Scenes at CWL Seattle as Evil Geniuses' ACHES and SiLLY Faced eUnited - "They wanted to drop YOU?!"

by Calum Patterson


The winners final match at CWL Seattle between Evil Geniuses and eUnited was a highly anticipated one, as it featured EG player Justin "SiLLY" Fargo going up against his former team eUnited - from which he had recently been dropped.

Of course, the match was for a place in the grand final, with the loser being sent down to the losers bracket, and SiLLY and co. couldn't have been more fired up for the match.


eUnited were playing with SiLLY's replacement, Tyler "FeLo" Johnson, and overall both squads certainly looked stronger than they had previously.

This was both team's first appearance in a winners final in the CoD: WWII season, so with the stakes high and the rivalry intense, everything was in place for a match to remember.


With vocal leaders Patrick "ACHES" Price and James "Clayster" Eubanks facing off on opposite sides, it was also a contest of team spirit as it was of individual skill.

With SiLLY going off, supported by stellar performances particularly from the AR play of Adam "Assault" Garcia and the fast aggressive play of 2016 World Champion Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov, EG took the match 3-1.

What made it more special of course, was the 2-5 comeback that EG made on the game 2 Search and Destroy, which got SiLLY very fired up.


In Evil Geniuses most recent episode of 'Up to Speed', the show gives some behind the scenes looks at the squad pre, during and post match, including ACHES pumping up his teammate on the main stage.

"Run it up Justin, run it up! Let's go Justin!

They wanted to drop you? They wanted to drop YOU baby?!"

You can watch the full episode of 'Up to Speed with EG CoD' below, with their match against eUnited starting at around the 4:20 mark.