Baka Bros invite critic to attend Warzone LAN to end hackusations once and for all 

Repullze of the Baka Bros.YouTube: Repullze

Repullze of the Baka Bros has offered to bring a Warzone hackusation YouTuber that claims DiazBiffle is cheating out to LAN to disprove those claims forever and there’s a spicy deal on the line.

Cheating has been a major problem in Warzone. From players getting targeted in the competitive scene to content creators gaining huge audiences from gameplay that is quite literally too good to be true, it’s a situation with a very wide ramifications.

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Since the implementation of the Ricochet anti-cheat things have been a bit better, but that hasn’t deterred community watchdog channels like Call of Shame from making accusations against some of the biggest names in the game, and Repullze is ready to put the campaign against his teammate to bed once and for all.

Repullze challenges Warzone YouTuber to put his channel on the line to prove Biffle is cheating

Things popped off when Call of Shame tagged the two Baka Bros in a tweet insinuating that Biffle forgot to hide the footpedals he uses to cheat in a recent video that featured his setup. The notorious accuser doubled down, claiming that Biffle’s lack of a webcam only furthered proved the theory.

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“He doesn’t just have one, he has two of them! No webcam, no accountability! Now we know he uses rat pedals,’ the tweet reads.

Naturally, Repullze didn’t take too kindly to that idea and instantly refuted the idea, claiming that anyone who makes these kinds of videos is simply clout chasing: “These fools knows streamers don’t cheat. But that wouldn’t get clicks would it?”

It didn’t take long after that for Rep to raise the stakes and give the other creator the deal of a lifetime: An all-expenses-paid trip to the next Activision-hosted LAN event to watch the invited Warzone pros play in-person with the catch that CoS deletes their channel if their is no proof of cheating.

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If this goes down it would take the cake as the most drastic measure taken to clear anyone’s name in the scene so far.

There’s been no response to that invitation at time of writing, but we’ll be sure to bring the latest updates around the situation as they unfold.