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Aydan’s “big brain” Warzone strat completely bamboozles enemies

Published: 12/Apr/2021 0:08

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s highest earner, Aydan, pulled off what some people are calling ‘the smartest play ever’ — a ridiculous rooftop bait that can completely fool aggressive enemies and turn them into easy kills.

Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad is Warzone’s highest earner (and a regular on the monthly power rankings) for a number of reasons. One such reason has got to be his brainpower, as evidenced in a new clip that players are already scrambling to digest and emulate.

While competing in a tournament with UnRationaL, Aydan was shooting enemies from a rooftop and was warned that there was an enemy beneath him. Somewhat concerned, but mostly annoyed by the enemy indecisively slinking around, the Warzone star pulled off an impromptu bait to force his hunter’s hand.


In the play, Aydan jumps and quickly activates his parachute, while remaining on the roof’s ledge, so that his enemy, tricked by the sound effect, assumes the roof is clear. Then, the streamer easily kills his foe, who is so confused that they assume Aydan is hacking. 

Throwing chat and Twitter into intelligence-appreciating fervor, the hopeful predator instantly turns into prey with Aydan’s strat. 

Without saying a word, the Verdansk demon instinctively tries the parachute bait — which lasts for about a second — before immediately turning and awaiting his enemy. The unsuspecting assailant then, like clockwork, climbs the ladder and stares off of the rooftop, tricked by the parachute sound into believing Aydan had jumped away.


There are few kills easier than one in which you get on top of a rooftop and shoot someone slowly parachuting off of it. Robbed of that joy by this absolute trickery, the outplayed victim dropped some colorfully worded death comms: “Yeah, nice f**king cheats, kid.”

aydan warzone smartest play
Twitter, @Aydan
Just a small sample of people’s reactions to Aydan’s clip.

As evidenced by the replies, quote tweets, and Twitch chat frenzy, people were absolutely astonished by this simple, yet effective maneuver. Still, talking about it after the match, Aydan reacted with nonchalance: “I finessed him, bro … he actually fell for it.”

It was pulled off casually, but even UnRationaL — who has won Warzone tournaments and secured world records — was bewildered by his teammate’s play: “Dude, that was disgusting … I probably would have fallen for it, too.”


The parachute mechanics in Warzone can be clunky sometimes, but it appears that you can occasionally use the sound effect to your advantage. While it’s unclear how consistently this strat can be pulled off or what buildings it is restricted to, Verdansk is full of red rooftops and you can be sure people are going to start experimenting.