Aydan & Tommey rally Warzone pros to boycott controversial kill-race format

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Warzone’s controversial timed kill-race format could be nearing its end as top competitors like Aydan, Tommey, and Teep have lashed out on social media, boycotting events that adopt the ‘luck-based’ structure moving forward.

Following another $100,000 Warzone tournament, the world’s biggest names have once again lashed out at the controversial kill-race format. As one of the most prevalent event structures today, timed kill-races allow teams to drop into their own separate lobbies for a specific amount of time.

In Toronto Ultra’s latest $100K event, teams had roughly four hours to put up their best performances. Throughout this period, Trios aren’t directly competing with other pros. Instead, everyone is essentially hunting for the ‘easiest’ lobbies with lower kill-death ratios on average.

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Moments after the competition window closed and winners were announced, many of Warzone’s highest earners and biggest stars lashed out at the format, calling for timed kill-races to be left behind entirely.

“$100k ‘who can get the worst lobbies’ tourney,” Aydan tweeted before starting his run on Day 2 of the latest Warzone event. This comment all but kicked off the latest wave of discussions regarding timed kill-race competitions.

“Timed kill-races are ALL skill tbh,” he followed up sarcastically once the $100K tournament came to a close. “It’s pretty much whoever can connect to the sh***iest lobbies gets paid $10k+ each.”

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Just three points separated the top three teams in the latest event, though the winners quickly came under fire; their run through the competition was objectively easier due to the lobbies they were placed in.

“Timed kill-race tournaments need to be forever-chalked,” BobbyPoff said after finishing in seventh place. 

“Our easiest lobby was a 1.10 K/D,” he outlined. The winning Trio of Fifakill, WarsZ, and Recrent managed to “pull a Russian host.” This led to their “hardest game” being a lobby where the average K/D was just 1.05.

“Their hardest game was easier than our easiest game and they walk away with $11,000. Wow. We get those lobbies we place higher.”

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More and more Warzone pros continued to fall in line as time went on. Now, there’s a near-unanimous boycott against timed kill-races from the scene’s top competitors.

“I won’t be playing anymore kill-races,” TeeP said bluntly on Twitter. “Agreed, I’ll be opting out of them for now too,” Aydan responded. Rated soon followed up: “How about we disregard the money and boycott all invites for timed kill-races?”

With a number of Warzone’s biggest names all standing together against the format, it’ll be a surprise if any upcoming events look to adopt the format. 

For major tournaments with hefty prize pools, we could see 2v2 kill-races or custom lobbies becoming the norm moving forward instead.

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