Aydan stunned by TikTok's viral Warzone Kilo loadout: "The hipfire is nuts!" - Dexerto
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Aydan stunned by TikTok’s viral Warzone Kilo loadout: “The hipfire is nuts!”

Published: 30/Oct/2021 23:19

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone pro Aydan was stunned after giving TikTok’s viral Kilo loadout a try and claims the hipfire is nuts. 

The Warzone meta is constantly changing and players are routinely discovering new loadouts that are overpowered.

While the close-range game has been heavily run by the OTs 9, off-meta choices like the MP7 have surfaced as good options.

Players find inspiration from a lot of places to build the best loadout possible and even Warzone pro Aydan is getting some from TikTok.

Aydan rocks Warzone viral TikTok Kilo loadout


*HIPFIRE KILO IS INSANE😏* OP JUMP SPOT FOR FLANKING😏 class @ the end! #warzone #warzoneclips #callofduty #tiktokgaming


The Modern Warfare Kilo 141 has had its moments in the Warzone meta but reemerged as a popular choice when this loadout went viral on TikTok.


Here are the attachments to use on this godly-hipfire Kilo 141:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Laser: 5MW Laser
  • Ammo: 60 round magazine
  • Stock: No Stock

This setup is great for catching enemies by surprise with its insanely accurate hipfire and decent range if you find yourself taking a long-range fight.

In his latest video, Aydan finally gives this Kilo a chance as people in his chat have been requesting him to use it. He was hesitant to use it because he thought it was a joke but you can see just how deadly this gun can be.

You see him picking up multiple double kills throughout the game as the Kilo acts as a SMG with these attachments. He even goes on to say, “this hipfire is nuts.”


Aydan was caught by surprise since he initially thought this was a troll setup. However, he praises the gun and thinks it is definitely a viable choice.

“I wouldn’t say it’s meta but a really solid option if you want to have fun,” Aydan said. Next time you drop into Verdansk or Rebirth Island you might want to give this viral loadout a try and see if it’s as broken as advertised.