Aydan shows off AK-47 Warzone blueprint that dominates in Season 6

Aydan with CW AK-47Activision/Aydan

The Cold War AK-47 continues to dominate the Warzone meta and Aydan has the perfect loadout for you to use in Season 6. 

Assault Rifles are some of the most powerful weapons in Warzone, but it’s the CW AK-47 that takes the crown for its high damage. Not only does this reliable Russian rifle come packed with high DPS, but it can also shred through opponents in close to mid-range firefights. 

This is especially true when you kit out the AK-47 with the best attachments. With the release of the new Void Monster weapon blueprint, Aydan has shown off his beastly AK-47 loadout that he uses to go on high kill count tears through Verdansk. 

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Aydan’s AK-47 Warzone loadout

Void Monster AK-47 loadout screenActivision/Aydan
The Void Monster AK-47 loadout packs a punch.
  • Muzzle: Suppressor
  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock 
  • Magazine: 45 Rnds
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap

Unlike our own AK-47 loadout, Aydan’s build greatly bolsters the AR’s mobility and control. This makes it useful for those that enjoy the hyper-aggressive playstyle of close-range combat. 

First up, is the Suppressor attachment. Not only does this muzzle conceal your shots, but it also quickens the AK-47’s ADS speed, provides a 20% boost to bullet velocity, and reduces the sprint to fire penalty. 

Combine this with the added ADS speed from the Serpent Wrap and the mobility increase from the KGB Skeletal Stock, and you have a recipe for success. The Microflex LED is also tailor-made for capitalizing on close-quarter engagements, giving you an excellent view of your surroundings without inhibiting your vision. 

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Lastly, the 45 Rnd mag attachment gives you just enough ammunition to claim back after back kills without the need to constantly reload. Aydan paired this AK-47 loadout with the Swiss K31 to help secure long-range kills. 

Whether the AK-47 will still remain at the top of the AR meta when Vanguard’s integration comes to Warzone remains to be seen, but for now, this Russian rifle sits comfortably at the top of the meta rankings.