Aydan reveals underrated SMG Warzone loadout to use after buffs

Aydan Fennec loadoutAydan / Activision

The Fennec may not be the go-to SMG in Warzone, but Aydan’s loadout proves that this underrated gun is still capable of dishing out great damage. 

Warzone’s meta constantly shifts with every new update, giving players the chance to experiment with new loadouts and weapon builds. While the likes of the Bullfrog and MAC-10 still dominate the competition, there is another SMG that has been creeping back into contention. 

The Fennec offers minimal recoil, excellent hip-fire, great mobility, and an insanely fast rate of fire – making it a great pick for close-quarters firefights. In fact, Aydan recently showcased just how lethal the Fennec can be when kitted out with the best attachments. 

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Whether you’re tired of the current meta SMG options or just wish to utilize an underrate gun, then this Fennec loadout will reward you with plenty of kills. 

Aydan’s Fennec Warzone loadout

Aydan Fennec Warzone loadoutActivision
Aydan’s Fennec loadout certainly packs a punch in Season 5.
  • Barrel: ZLR Sabre 
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Stock: No Stock 
  • Magazine: 40 Round Drum Mags
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

Unlike our own Fennec loadout that focuses on maximizing the SMG’s accuracy and control, Aydan’s is tailored around being as mobile as possible. The 5mW Laser and No Stock attachment increase the Fennec’s movement, ADS, and sprint to fire speed. This enables you to aggressively rush your opponents and outmaneuver slower loadouts.

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If that wasn’t enough, the added hip-fire accuracy can give you the edge in close-quarter scenarios where every second matters. Keeping in with this theme of speed, Aydan has utilized the Sleight of Hand perk. Not only does this reduce the frustrations that come with getting caught mid reload, but it also allows you to maintain constant pressure. 

Timestamp of 1:30

Being able to quickly reload the Fennec’s 40 Round Drum Mags is incredibly important, especially since this gun’s fire rate can make missing any shots rather unforgiving. 

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Lastly, the ZLR Sabre barrel suppresses your shots, increases damage range, and aids with recoil control. If you’re a fan of the run and gun playstyle and enjoy rushing your foes, then Aydan’s Fennec is the perfect underrated pick in Season 5. 

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