Aydan reveals “ridiculous” Warzone MG 82 loadout

. 9 months ago
Aydan / Activision

The MG 82 has been creeping up the meta rankings in Season 5 and Warzone pro Aydan has the perfect loadout for you to use. 

While Warzone’s meta continues to be dominated by Assault Rifles and SMGs, there have been times where the game’s bulkier cousins have made an appearance.

The latest LMG that continues to make headlines is that of the MG 82. While it may not be as popular as the Stoner 63, this beefy weapon is capable of dishing out some truly devasting damage. 

In fact, the MG 82’s close to mid-range DPS is through the roof. Combine this with a high rate of fire and huge standard clip size, and you have a weapon that can obliterate entire squads. Aydan recently showcased just how lethal the MG 82 can be when kitted out with the best attachments. 

Aydan’s MG 82 Warzone loadout

Aydan / Activision
The MG 82 is the latest LMG to break into Warzone’s meta.
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor 
  • Barrel: 16.4” Task Force
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x 
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip 
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap

Aydan’s MG 82 loadout focuses on maximizing the LMG’s accuracy, damage, range, and control. This makes it a highly versatile pick for those that wish to remain effective in mid-range firefights. 

Just like most Black Ops Cold War weapons, Aydan has utilized the Agency Suppressor and 16.4” Task Force. Both these attachments increase the MG 82’s effective damage range, bullet velocity, recoil control, and suppress your shots.

Minimizing the MG 82’s vertical and horizontal kick is incredibly important, especially if you wish to remain accurate during long-range engagements. Fortunately, the Field Agent Grip grip does the majority of the legwork here. 

Timestamp of 2:02

While this attachment does reduce your shooting/aim move speed, it eliminates any severe kicking during prolonged firing. Thanks to the reduction in recoil, Aydan has attached the Axial Arms 3x optic. 

This sight’s 3x magnification enables you to hone in on mid-range targets, giving you the precision needed to land lethal head and body shots. While the Axial Arms 3x can be used in close-range engagements, it’s often best to switch your secondary. 

If you do get caught in a close-quarter fight, then the Serpent Wrap will quicken the MG 82’s ADS speed. Not only will this give you a fighting chance outside of mid-range scenarios, it will also enable you to zap onto targets at range. 

This loadout is so lethal that Aydan believes it will get a nerf in a future update, so make sure you give it a go before Raven takes aim.

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