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Aydan reveals his ultimate Warzone player tier list, and its surprising

Published: 22/Feb/2021 11:48

by Jacob Hale


Aydan is one of the best Warzone players in the world right now, and has made his own tier list of the top Warzone pros — with some surprise names popping up.

Warzone has become just about the most competitive battle royale there is right now, with many of the top streamers, content creators and pros from other titles finding themselves navigating Verdansk.

Aydan — who tops our list of best Warzone players at the time of writing — has decided to make his own list.

Of course, the best way of finding out about new talents or breaking down who the best players really are is by talking to their peers, and as multiple top pros started making their tier lists, Aydan’s is definitely one to check out.


Aydan on Twitch stream
Twitch: Aydan
Aydan himself is possibly the best Warzone player in the world.

Aydan makes Warzone tier list

Basing it on tournament placements, earnings, raw skill, and more, Aydan made the S-Tier a very selective group of players and gave his thoughts on why some deserve to be where they are.

As Aydan explains, he can’t put everyone in S but seems pretty happy with his overall selections. DiazBiffle, Rated, SuperEvan, Newbz, Tommey, Almond, and HusKerrs make up his final S-tier picks after much deliberation.

There was much deliberation over whether HusKerrs should be in S- or A-tier, while his teammate ZLaner ended up holding the top spot in A-tier. Similarly, there were lots of calls for Jukeyz to move up, but with his lack of tournament invites, Aydan couldn’t justify the shift up from A.


Other Warzone pros aren’t happy

Of course, when making a list like this, there’s bound to be a number of players not content with their final placement, despite the fact it’s just Aydan’s opinion.

While there clearly isn’t a lot of real beef between these players, HusKerrs did call Aydan a “clown” over his selections.

After Aydan confirmed he put Husk in S-tier, the NRG pro complained it was only “after thinking about it for 15 minutes and below three people that have placed worse than me in tournaments.”

Similarly, Jukeyz, who many wanted to see in S-tier, had his own thoughts. “If I lived in a bin in America, I’d be in S,” the Scouse star joked.


As mentioned, this is really all just different player’s opinions, and later in the day both Rated and Tommey ended up making their own tier lists, all of which looked fairly similar.

At the end of the day, these tier lists won’t matter when tournament day arrives, and that’s when the best will really be separated from the rest.