Aydan demands Warzone remove airstrikes after controversial kill in $100k tournament

aydan over caldera background warzoneActivision/New York Subliners

Warzone star Aydan, as well as many other competitors and casual players, have called for Precision Airstrikes to be removed from the game after Rhys ‘Rated’ Price was hit by one while sitting inside a building during the $100k World Series of Warzone solo tournament.

The World Series of Warzone is the biggest competition in the game, and the Solo Yolo tournament — where the winner gets a huge $100k payout — a defining moment in anyone’s career who manages to pull off the victory.

In the 2022 tournament, as the competition was dwindling and only a few of the most elite players remained, everybody was gearing up to get the final life-changing kills to see them net the huge prizepool.

One of those was former Call of Duty League pro Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, who had found a good position inside a building to stay ahead of the gas and get ahead of the competition.

With just 18 people left, Rated was plating up inside the building when a Precision Airstrike was dropped on him and killed him through the ceiling, leaving the Welsh streamer at a complete loss for words.

Shortly after the tournament concluded, Rated’s former duo, Aydan, took to Twitter to ask for a “petition to get these things out of the game.”

Many agreed and expressed how furious they would be if that had happened to them.

One viewer, Mavriq, even pointed to the Season 5 patch notes, which said that “Precision Airstrikes will continue to shoot through glass, balconies, and wall-bang penetrable buildings.”

Developers Raven Software clearly didn’t believe this to be a cause for concern, despite the fact many players think it’s actually a bug.

The Solo tournament and the $100k prize was eventually won by British player Ethan ‘Fifakill’ Pink, who took out Pieman for the final kill.

Aydan had his own issues going on during the day, too, hit with a Dev Error as teams were readying to drop in for the final game of the Trios tournament, potentially costing his team a much higher placement.

Over in the EU side of the tournament, Italian star Nicoló ‘BBlade’ Maggi took home the victory in both the Solo and Trio portions of the tournament, providing Warzone’s biggest payday yet as he took home $116,000.