Aydan demands fix for $20 ‘unusable’ Warzone Operator skin

. 4 months ago
Aydan demands fix for $20 'unusable' Warzone Operator skin
Activision / Aydan

Warzone pro Aydan ripped Raven Software after he bought a $20 Operator skin that was actually unusable once he loaded into a game. 

Pacific Season 2 has brought loads of new content to the game. From a 100-tier battle pass to new Attack on Titan bundles, there is plenty to pick from.

When Activision releases new Operator skins throughout a season, some release with immediate acclaim while others can get flamed on for being broken.

Well, Twitch star Aydan found a few glaring issues with the game’s latest bundle and wasted no time in letting the devs know about it.

Aydan slams Warzone devs for broken Operator skin

Aydan hopped on for a gaming session and decided to hit up the store for its new wares. After seeing the Lethal Luxury tracer pack, he couldn’t resist buying it but you’ll quickly see why he regretted it.

In a clip from a March 4 stream, Aydan loaded into his first game using the Astrakhan skin but realized it was impossible to see anything.

His field of view became completely blocked by the white cape that the character was wearing. You can hear his frustration as he says, “I can’t even see my screen, what the f**k!” He added in his tweet that it is completely unusable.

Players in the comments informed Aydan that this isn’t just a problem with this skin but many others. Twitter user ‘Inadog’ said, “this happens to all bundles where the operator wears a cape.”

Others commented on this and reported that most of the skins that feature a cape-like outfit tend to block your POV.

At this time, Activision has not posted this on their Trello boards at a known issue. So players might want to avoid using skins with capes until it gets resolved.

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