Aydan confirms plans to quit Warzone if sequel doesn’t deliver

Aydan WarzoneActivision / Aydan

Aydan is widely regarded as one of Warzone’s best players, and consistently ranks among its highest earners. However, the esports star has said that his enjoyment of the game is dwindling, insisting he’ll “move on” if the sequel doesn’t live up to expectations.

Despite the host of new content that came with Warzone Season 3 Reloaded, many high-profile players have still been critical of the state that CoD’s battle royale is in.

NICKMERCS has constantly compared Warzone to Apex Legends, believing it’s lacking compared to Respawn’s effort. Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect has called out the lack of a ranked mode, and Caldera itself, in the past.

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After making the leap from Fortnite, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad is considered one of the best players in Warzone and is one of its highest earners. However, even the New York Subliners player is becoming disillusioned with the game.

Ayden says he’ll “move on” if Warzone 2 disappoints

player using nikita assault rifle in codActivision
Season 3 Reloaded added plenty of new content to Warzone, but Aydan still isn’t hooked.

Speaking during a recent stream, Aydan explained that he is losing the drive to play Warzone and that even competitive tournaments aren’t enough to motivate him.

“I don’t know guys, I’m really trying to find a game I like right now. My passion for Warzone isn’t there,” he said on stream. “The only thing I ever look forward to in Warzone is tournaments, and the tournaments have dropped in prize pool and everything.”

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He blamed the lackluster tournaments on the current state of Warzone, and the fact that its popularity seems to have dipped.

“There’s way less tournaments, the prize pools are way lower, and that’s because the game is worse and because it has less viewers,” he continued. “People don’t want to do big tournaments for a game that’s not doing well.”

Since the one thing that was motivating Aydan to play Warzone isn’t there, the streamer is now looking ahead to Warzone 2. “I don’t know, I’m really just hoping for Warzone 2. I hope it’s good guys, because if it’s not, I’m definitely going to move on.”

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He finished the rant by saying it would take a “banger” of an update to draw him back in before Warzone 2 releases in 2023.

With Warzone Season 4 on the horizon, we will have to wait and see if Raven have something up their sleeve to get some of the game’s biggest names back on board.