Aydan and MuteX win latest Warzone Wednesday – Week 9 placements, recap

Brad Norton
Infinity Ward / KeemPark

After a two-week absence, YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem brought back his fan-favorite Warzone Wednesday tournament series, and we’ve got everything you need to catch up on all of the action.

There had been a void in the Call of Duty community with the absence of Warzone Wednesday, but now the popular competition has returned for its ninth week of action.

As always, it featured some of the biggest names in online gaming, and there was some extra attention being paid to this latest running since it was the last one before the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare Season 4 update launches later on June 10.

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$20K Warzone Wednesdays Week 9 recap

Week 9 of KEEMSTAR’s Warzone competition opened with a bang. Three-time event champions Vikkstar and ItzWarsz found themselves up against Symfuhny and HusKerrs in the very first round. After many complaints of griefing, Vikkstar’s team controversially moved on to the second match in the upper bracket. They were quickly knocked down by MuteX and Aydan, then struggled to find their footing against KingRichard and Jukeyz. Before they knew it, their run in Week 9 was over.

MuteX and Aydan continued their run through the upper bracket all the way through. Even taking out the likes of TeePee and DougisRaw. Ultimately, it came down to a final battle against KingRichard and Jukeyz.

Jukeyz dropped a staggering 21 eliminations in the first game to secure his team an initial victory. The rest of the series was a back and forth slog that came down to the wire in the final map. MuteX and Aydan went down early, opening the door for a potential upset. KingRichard and Jukeyz needed just a handful of kills to win the event but they fell just short in the final moments. Ultimately, MuteX and Aydan came away victorious.

Warzone Wednesdays Week 9 Placements 

Place Team Prize Money
1st MuteX & Aydan $20,000
2nd KingRichard & Jukeyz
3rd TeePee &DougisRaw
4th IceManIsaac & wuskin
Top 6 Vikkstar & ItzWarsz
Top 6 Symfuhny & HusKerrs
Top 8 FaZe Testyment & Avxry
Top 8 Speros & Dwarf_Mamba

When was Warzone Wednesday Week 9?

The tournament took place on Wednesday, June 10, having kicked off at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. The tournament ran for just over five hours.

It was livestreamed on KEEMSTAR’s own Twitch channel, which we’ve included below. Additionally, most of the players streamed their own POVs on their channels, some of which we’ve also added down below.

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Warzone Wednesday Week 9 bracket

Here is the finalized bracket for today’s event. You can check the official Warzone Wednesday website throughout each week of competition as results are updated live.

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Players and teams

Warzone Wednesday is usually full of big names, and week nine is no exception. Competing were a mix of top-tier streamers, Call of Duty pros, battle royale stars, and other popular figures in gaming.

Star YouTuber Vikkstar and his partner ItzWarsZ were back to try and defend their crown, having won a whopping three events in a row. Meanwhile, former winners Bobbypoff and Tommey were out for vengeance as well.

  • Vikkstar & ItzWarsZ
  • Speros & Dwarf_Mamba
  • Bobbypoff & Tommey
  • Symfuhny & HusKerrs
  • DougisRaw & TeePee
  • Tourva & Censor
  • Trainwreck & FeLo
  • NICKMERCS & Swagg
  • Mutex & Aydan
  • Testyment & Avxry
  • Calfreezy & Zerker
  • KingRichard & Jukeyz
Vikkstar and ItzWarsZ were going for the unprecedented four-peat in Warzone Wednesday week nine.

Format & rules

Warzone Wednesday is a duos competition that employs a 2v2 “kill race” format. Teams matched up against each other must queue into a Quads lobby together and try to get more eliminations than the other – so while they’re technically teammates in-game, they are opponents for the purposes of the tournament.

Each match consists of two Warzone games, and the duo with the more combined eliminations advances to the next round once those games are played.

There are two phases in this tournament – a group stage and final stage. In the group stage, the 12 teams face each other in a do-or-die match that sees the winners advance to the next phase while the losers get immediately eliminated.

The final stage is double-elimination, so teams can afford to take a loss and still continue on. However, in the Grand Final, the team that makes it out of the Winners Bracket has a distinct advantage over the duo from the Losers Bracket, as the former needs to win only one match to be crowned champions while the latter needs to win two.

As for the prize pool, the entirety of the $20,000 went to the winning duo.