Call of Duty

Artillery Barrage Causes London Docks to Flood for GodRx in Strange Call of Duty: WWII Glitch

by Ross Deason


Ghost Gaming’s Adam ‘GodRx’ Brown experienced one of the strangest Call of Duty: WWII glitches we’ve seen so far during a Capture The Flag game on London Docks.

No matter how polished or close to perfection a video game is, there’s no avoiding the fact that it is still a video game and there will always be some questionable moments.


These might come in the form of unrealistic mechanics, connection issues impacting online play, or perhaps in the form of a strange glitch or bug that simply cannot be explained.

This was the case for Ghost Gaming’s SMG star GodRx during a recent Capture The Flag match when an artillery strike seemed to cause the entire map to instantly flood.


GodRx was supporting his teammate to capture a flag when the enemy team called in their Artillery Barrage scorestreak in an attempt to prevent it.

The artillery didn’t stop the flag from being captured but it did seem to break London Docks, as GodRx was instantly submerged up to his neck in water:


The water didn’t seem to be affecting movement or bullet registration, so it would appear that it was just a visual glitch.

However, that doesn’t stop it from being incredibly strange and confusing for the Ghost man, who took to Twitter to say that he “lost it” after it happened.

It did give some community members the chance to make a meme of the recent Ardennes Forest tree confusion, though, as John ‘Johnny’ Cookson and others joked that the water has “always been there”!