Call of duty

Are Modern Warfare servers down? Players report issues on January 11

by Alan Bernal
Infinity Ward


Modern Warfare servers are down as a growing number of reports on January 11 suggest services have stalled for many on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Infinity Ward’s latest entry to the Call of Duty franchise has a massive player base, many of who are failing to connect to the game’s services.

According to DownDetector, there are a few outage hotspots around the world for PlayStation services as well – centered mainly around the United States and all around the United Kingdom and its neighboring areas.

Heat map of the reports coming in for Modern Warfare service outages.


Amid the start of weekend game sessions, players have been having trouble logging into the action, as people are starting to look for answers to when servers will resume as intended.

Multiple cases of fans flat out unable to connect or having limited game time due to random crashes have expressed their concern at the peak of North America’s playing hours.

While the concentration of issues deals with spotty connection to Call of Duty’s online services, there have also been a few problems that players are having a hard time dealing with.

The spike in reports reveals apparent problems with servers and logins among others.


“I just keep getting told that it requires a restart for an update then update completed then repeats,” CoD player Brandon Groves said on DownDetector.

Activision Support has already been alerted of the apparent outages, as people looking to report their problem to the devs can do so via Twitter.

Even through its numerous hackers and bugs, Modern Warfare remains one of the multiplayer staples because of its classic take to the Call of Duty formula.


Millions of players adopted the new iteration in the series after its October 25 launch. Though the fun has been interrupted a few times with issues ranging from the game’s map designs, cheaters, bizarre glitches, and more.

Problems within the game notwithstanding, people still love to hop into the online playlists to test their mettle against players worldwide. Though that could be prove to be difficult if the outages persist.

Infinity Ward have yet to address the growing reports, as players are hoping that a fix to the problem comes soon.