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Warzone devs finally address overpowered cargo trucks in solo mode

Published: 27/May/2021 14:30 Updated: 27/May/2021 17:47

by Jacob Hale


Warzone developers Raven Software have confirmed rumors about a big nerf to cargo trucks, aka Big Bertha, in the battle royale, addressing how strong they are in solos.

Cargo trucks have been a real source of frustration for players, especially in solo modes where they dominate end-game circles, with players driving around in them hoping to wipe out their opponents rather than taking fair gunfights.

Dr Disrespect has hit out at the Warzone devs over their decision to let trucks run riot across Verdansk, and the situation is worsening as they’ve started randomly killing players sat in them.

That all changes now though, as the developers reduce the truck’s spawn rate in solos.


Warzone devs hint at major cargo truck change

On Wednesday, May 26, they posted a tweet with just an image containing a message that had mostly been censored out.

While much of the message is indistinguishable, it seems to point towards something to do with “cargo trucks”, the “meta” and follows with “Verdansk [blank] needs saving.”

It then says that “something must be done soon.”

And it was soon – as one day later, Raven rolled out a new patch to fix the issue.

The change they settled on was “Cargo Truck spawn rates for Verdansk Solo BR mode have been reduced to 5 (static) from a range of 16 to 20.

Hopefully this seriously reduces how prevalent the vehicles are in solos, where they have been ruining final circles for a long time.


But, players might be slightly disappointed that there are no other changes to vehicles – particularly around how fast players can exit them. A common tactic is to drive at an opponent in a vehicle, jump out and gun them down, as there is very little delay to being gun up from exiting a vehicle.