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Anti-cheat org reveals how “free” Warzone hacks can ruin people’s lives

Published: 15/Jul/2021 23:59

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone has been hit by a surge of hackers in recent months, but an anti-cheat organization has revealed that those hackers might be hit by some… unideal issues as well.

It’s become a well-known problem in the Warzone world: there are more hackers in the game because the sites selling those cheats have offered a bunch of free trials. For normal players, this is incredibly annoying. For hackers, it probably seems like a fun time.

Key word: “seems.”

According to a highly regarded anti-cheat organization, the Anti-Cheat Police Department, these hack “free trials” aren’t as great as they sound. This is the same group that broke the console cheats story and now they’ve revealed that hackers just might be enacting karmic justice upon themselves.


As explained by the cheater-focused org, all of these “free” trials come at a price. Instead of just getting to have fun at the expense of a furious community, these hackers are opening themselves up to their “worst nightmares.”

The two main examples of what is likely happening to hopeful hackers is that their PCs are being cryptomined or scanned for sensitive information — among which the org lists “Discord token access, credit cards, and crypto wallets.”

Past that, they also mention that a common abuse that could be repeated is a “BSOD loop,” where someone’s PC is forced into an infinite “blue screen of death.”


Warzone gameplay
Hackers have an annoyingly large presence in Warzone.

For hopeful hackers, this information should probably be a strong warning not to cheat. After all, is ruining people’s games really worth ruining your own life?

For regular players, this information may feel like a sign from above: karma could very well be real.