Another Major Blackout Glitch Allows Two Players to be Revived at Once

Virginia Glaze
WilliamCCT - Reddit

A Reddit user by the name of ‘WilliamCCT’ uploaded a clip of another major bug in Blackout to the website, which revealed an interesting glitch concerning player revivals.

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In the clip, William is seen walking up to two downed teammates. After taking out an enemy, he went to revive just one – or so he thought.

While the notification stated that he was only reviving one player, both players were surprisingly able to get back into the action.

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It is worth noting that both teammates had fallen in close proximity to each other: the glitch might only be able to be performed during such a situation.

While no other instances of this particular glitch have been reported, it isn’t the only major bug to have been posted about in Blackout. Other glitches in the battle royale mode include occurrences of players being killed by their own escort choppers, as Call of Duty YouTuber and streamer ‘Dritft0r’ unfortunately discovered.

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Wall-breaches, vehicle glitches, and camera bugs have also been posted, including one hilarious clip of a player piloting an upside-down speedboat and living to tell the tale. Similarly, one player attempted to switch to third-person view inside of an airplane – and it looked as if the camera had fallen from the plane into the sea beneath it.

While Blackout is currently only live in the Private Beta for the PS4, the game has already received an update, with Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar taking to Twitter to detail the changes. Recently, a nerf to armor was also revealed – a likely relief to many players.

Vonderhaar’s comments assure players that developers are listening, even in the title’s early stages.