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Another esports event had an incredibly awkward musical performance

by Vincent Genova


Capcom Cup 2018 has shown off the best Street Fighter players on the planet. Unfortunately, they decided a surprise musical guest would be a good idea.


Through no fault of their own, musical group Deltron 3030 was randomly thrown on to a small stage in front of a dead silent crowd who were not expecting music. 

The situation is not great for a concert, but it certainly produced a few interesting Twitch clips.


The band did their best to relate to the gaming crowd, but only made things worse and ended up giving viewers another reason to hit the clip button.

Street Fighter V launched on PC and PS4 in February 2016, which is good news for Deltron 3030. They can play when they get home.


For some reason, esports tournament organizers do their best to create these awkward situations.

The most famous example was DJ Khaled yelling “Overwatch me!” at the Overwatch Grand Finals, then trying to get the crowd, who didn’t want to put their hands in the air, to put their hands in the air.

There seems to be a pretty big mindset difference between spectating an esports event and watching a concert