Amateur CoD team criticized for “toxic” trash talk at LAN event

Kamil Malinowski
L: Marko Swanepoel / R: Activision

One Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 team took their trash talk a little far as they hurled countless profanities at their opponents during a LAN event. 

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Trash talk is part of any competitive environment and can be a good way to make matches feel more competitive and heated. One team came under criticism at an Australian CoD event called AUSLAN, where they went overboard with their trash talk. 

Following a match win, the team stood up and began to shout profanities for 20 seconds straight at their opponents across the stage. 

XP Esports
The CoD AUSLAN stage where the trash talk began.
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The shouting is difficult to make out as multiple players are hurling just about every harsh word they know across the stage, but, things like “gg easy, eat f*cking shit” can be heard. 

It’s clear that the Australians were excited about their win, but their celebrations may have been a tad over tuned. The other team doesn’t seem to react at all, however, so maybe this is just something that they are used to.

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The community quickly caught wind of this video and seemed to be quite split in their reactions. In a Reddit thread, some members argued that this trash talk was a bit too much and “toxic”, while others reminisced about the old days of CoD. 

“Can’t imagine acting like this in public no matter how much I hate my opponent” said one Reddit user, meanwhile another commented: “That’s some old school cod LAN vibes right there.” Both comments were well received by the community, so it is hard to tell how the majority feels. 

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The winning team supposedly managed to reverse sweep their series, and were just extremely excited about the win. One user claims that this is just “typical Aussie trash talk”, but it does seem a bit excessive and there is a lot of back and forth on the matter.