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All Warzone subway stop locations confirmed for Season 6: full map

Published: 23/Sep/2020 8:53

by Brad Norton


Warzone’s upcoming Season 6 update is set to introduce a new subway system featuring many underground stops. Here’s everything you need to know on where you’ll be able to find them across Verdansk.

Following the addition of the train in Season 5, Infinity Ward is expanding that little bit further with Season 6. A fully-fledged subway system was long-rumored and now finally confirmed thanks to the latest trailer.

Thanks to promotional leaks back in August, we were given our first look at how these subway stations look in-game. Players will seemingly be able to head underground at any one of the new stations. Not only does this open a handful of new areas on the map, but it also provides new ways to board the train.


In the closing moments of the brand new teaser, a map appeared as seven stations were highlighted as part of the ‘North Line.’ Based on this quick glimpse, we now know exactly where all subway stations will be located in Season 6 of Warzone.

While the battle royale map is filled to the brim with dozens of unique points of interest, only a select few will be part of the new subway system. The underground railway travels far and wide across many popular hotspots, though it won’t quite reach some of the outermost sections of Verdansk.

From A to G there are seven stations on the line, each signified with their own letter. These should help with callouts if you ever need to distinguish between the various underground locations.


The line appears to be a clearcut loop that originates at Verdansk International Airport. From here, it travels North East on its longest segment without stopping. It curves back down as it heads past Verdansk Stadium before looping down and eventually making its way back to the start.

As soon as the update lands, these new stations are sure to be hotspots. Players will want to master the new terrain as usual so expect plenty of competition if you’re dropping straight underground when Season 6 arrives.

Below is a full list of all seven subway station coming soon:

Warzone’s new subway stations

  • A – Verdansk International Airport
  • B – Karst River Quarry (between that and Bloc 14)
  • C – Verdansk Stadium (between that and Gorengard Lumber Yard)
  • D – Downtown Tavorsk District
  • E – Barakett Promenade East
  • F – Verdansk Train Station
  • G – Torsk Bloc
Warzone Season 6 subway stations
Infinity Ward
A look at the subway stations coming in Season 6 of Warzone.

While the subway stations are all confirmed, we’re still not clued in on a few key details just yet. Will multiple trains be running at the same time? How long will they be stopped at each station? Is there anything else hidden away in these new areas? All of these questions will be answered in time.


Keep your eyes peeled for new details over the coming days as the Season 6 update lands on Tuesday, September 29. From new weapons to fresh Operators, there’s already plenty more we know about the next big patch.