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All Tomogunchi pets found in Modern Warfare so far

Published: 8/Mar/2020 16:30

by Scott Robertson


Tomogunchi pets arrived in the March 3 update, allowing players to raise and take care of virtual pets within Modern Warfare just by playing the game. Here’s the list of all the Tomogunchi pets currently available, and how to get some of them.

Activision and Infinity Ward were purposefully tight-lipped with the different type of adult pets that your Tomogunchi could evolve into, as well as how each one could be further evolved.

In their announcement article, they said that every pet has a different way to charge its bonus charge meter – either Captures, Killstreaks, Plants, or Top Three Wins – and left it up to the player base to figure it out themselves.


While the first four steps of the Tomogunchi’s life are the same for everyone, there are several variants of the adult with different steps needed to unlock and evolve. Different variables will determine what creatures it evolves into, and each creature has a secret form.

Here’s the full list we have so far, but keep in mind that everything here has been discovered mostly through community discovery, so it may not be fully complete.

Riley the Dog

Reddit: HowDoIRun / Infinity Ward
This Riley isn’t as helpful as the one in Ghosts. But still cute.

Everyone’s favorite canine companion from the Call of Duty series, Riley from Ghosts, is available as an adult Tomogunchi variant. You can tell it’s Riley by the piece of headgear on the dog’s head.


Riley was part of the trio of adult types shown in the trailer.


Reddit: BoiCDumpsterFire / Infinity Ward
This panda is hungry, which isn’t at all surprising.

A normally peaceful creature, the precious panda must be kept safe during times of war.

The panda was also part of the trio of adult types that was shown in the trailer.


Reddit: Swift-a / Infinity Ward
The Dragon’s special form.

The dragon is the third and final part of the trio that was shown during the trailer for Tomogunchi.

Players have been speculating that explosive damage or thermite/molotov kills are what causes your pet to evolve into a Dragon. One player on reddit said he played a lot of Hardcore mode, and got its special form.



Reddit: HookahGus / Infinity Ward
Ghost is back! Again!

The iconic character from the Modern Warfare series isn’t just back as an operator, he’s available as an adult variant on your Tomogunchi watch.

Now, if your Tomogunchi appears as a literal ghost, with the white bedsheet body and creepy smile, I’m afraid your pet is dead, and you’ll have to start over.


Reddit: naldoooo / Infinity Ward
Nananananananana BAT PET.

The winged creature of the night is an adult variant option for your Tomogunchi.

A member of the developer team hinted that getting 10 execution kills with the Bat will lead to one of its secret forms, but it looks like you’ll need ten in a single game.



According to the same developer from above, the Pony comes up because of “average care.” So far, there haven’t been any photos of the Pony that have surfaced, so it seems no one knows what “average care” means. If you want to unlock its secret form, then don’t bank your bonus time while its an adult, because that completes its cycle and resets it.

Unfortunately, while there’s plenty of information regarding how to advance the Tomogunchi through its life stages, there’s very little about what variables lead to the different Adult types, as well as what leads to their secret forms.


You’ll have to experiment with different variations of the pet’s feelings, represented by the four squares on the right side of the watch face. From top to bottom it’s Hunger (Kills), Dirty (Win Games), Unruly (Objective Score), and Boredom (Activate Killstreaks).