Call of Duty

All Multiplayer Weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Shown at The Community Reveal Event

by Calum Patterson


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was finally revealed to the public on May 17th, and Treyarch showed off much more than fans are used to at this early stage.

With hands on action, and then lots of streams and YouTuber content since, fans have a lot more information about multiplayer particularly despite the game not set for release until October.


The first thing many will want to know of course is the weapons in the game, and while this is not the full list that will be available at launch, there were certainly a good breadth of weapons on show.

Assault Rifles

ICR-7: Moderate fire rate and moderate damage, controllable recoil. Similar to ICR's in previous titles.

Rampart 17: Much higher damage but slower rate of fire.

VAPR-XKG: High fire rate but still controllable recoil.

The Rampart 17 Assault Rifle


Sub-Machine Guns

MX9: High fire rate, moderate damage, difficult recoil.

Cordite: Well rounded SMG, moderate fire rate and recoil.

SAUG 9mm: Much higher fire rate, but trades off reduced damage and range.

The Cordite SMG


Tactical Rifles

Auger DMR: Deals high damage, is semi-automatic with a slower rate of fire.

Swordfish: This will be one for fans of the M8 in previous Black Ops games, with a four round burst.

The Swordfish Tactical Rifle

Light Machine Guns

Titan: The only LMG available at the community reveal, a standard LMG setup with lots of ammo and high damage.

The Titan LMG


Sniper Rifles

Paladin HB50: The .50 caliber sniper, a one shot kill provided you hit your shot.

Koshka: Lower damage, but a much higher rate of fire.

The Koshka Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapons

Strife: Traditional semi-automatic pistol, the standard sidearm.

The Strife Pistol

MOG 12: A pump-action shotgun, but has very short range and is not particularly accurate.

The MOG 12 Shotgun

Hellion Salvo: A big bang rocket launcher, useful of course for taking down enemy air support.

The Hellion Salvo Rocket Launcher

Of course, there will be many more weapons in the full game, and fans may get their hands on them during the private beta, dates for which are yet to be announced.