All Hidden Cache locations in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 hidden cache locationsActivision

Warzone 2 has tons of ways to make cash when traveling Al Mazrah. One such way is to find some Hidden Caches which are hidden around the large map. Here’s where to find all the Warzone 2 Hidden Cache.

Warzone 2 is more than just a simple Battle Royale. On top of fighting their way to victory, players can complete contracts, bring in loadouts, ride helicopters, and so much more.

However, to achieve some of these feats you need cash, and to get the cash, you often need to risk your life. Unless you find a Hidden Cache filled with money.

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We’ve compiled all the locations for these Warzone 2 Hidden Caches so you can grab some much-needed cash without risking your team’s life too much.

Currently, we haven’t found any Hidden Caches in Al Mazrah City, Fortress, Sa’id City, or Ahkdar Village. However, if any are located we will be adding them to this article so be sure to check back soon.


What are Hidden Caches in Warzone 2?

Hidden Caches are essentially Warzone 2’s treasure chests. They’re often well-hidden packages that can hold up to $3,500, making them ideal for redeploying your lost teammates, buying weapons, or other lifesaving perks.

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How to find Hidden Caches in Warzone 2

To find Hidden Caches in Warzone 2, you’ll need to head to their location. They can be found on the ground and should be relatively clear when you’re in the right spot.

Keep an eye on the ground and you’ll be able to gain some quick and easy cash without needing to complete contracts.

All Hidden Cache locations in Warzone 2

Thanks to Twitter user Nianfo, we now have all the locations of the Hidden Caches in Warzone 2. When more are added we will be updating this article so be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, we’ve separated each location so you know where the Caches are as soon as you drop in.

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You can find three Hidden Caches in the Quarry.

There are three Hidden Caches in the Quarry but they are all relatively spread out. It’s worth looking out for these if you stumble across the location rather than heading out to the Quarry for the sole purpose of finding Caches.


Warzone 2 Oasis Cache locationActivision
Oasis has seven different Caches for players to find.

Due to the number of Hidden Caches in such close proximity, the Oasis is a prime spot to loot when you’re looking for a bit of cash. Although it is a relatively open area so approach with caution.

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Taraq Village

Taraq Village hidden cache location Warzone 2Activision
There are only three Hidden Caches to find in Taraq Village.

It’s recommended you head over to Oasis to hunt for Hidden Caches when you find yourself along that side of Al Mazrah. While you’re around that location, keep an eye out for the three Caches dotted around Taraq Village.

Rohan Oil

Rohan Oil Cache locationActivision
Rohan Oil has some helpful Hidden Caches.

Rohan Oil has plenty of Hidden Caches dotted around its location. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled when traveling through. The south east will be the most fruitful.


Hydroelectric cache location Warzone 2Activision
There are so many Caches to find in Hydroelectric.

Along with Oasis, Hydroelectric is a fantastic location to head into if you’re looking for a bit more cash without needing to complete contracts. It may be relatively open but it’s well worth it if you want some quick cash.

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Marshlands hidden cache locationActivision
You’ll need to look carefully when finding these Hidden Caches.

The Marshlands are extremely baron when it comes to Hidden Caches. You’ll be able to find them with ease but it’s only worth heading over there if you really need cash.

Al Sharim Pass

Al Sharim Pass Cache locations WZ2Activision
You’ll find plenty of Hidden Caches around Al Sharim Pass.

Al Sharim Pass has four Hidden Caches in close proximity, meaning you could get up to $14,000 without needing to travel far. As for the other three locations, head over the river and they’ll be yours.


All hidden caches in the Observatory WZ2Activision
These Caches are hidden around the outside of the Observatory.

The Observatory isn’t the best place to look for Hidden Caches but can still prove to be fruitful if you find yourself around the riverbed or the Observatory itself.

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Airport Cache location Warzone 2Activision
There are eight different Caches in the Airport so be sure to find them all.

The Airport is a risky location but can prove to be extremely valuable if you manage to stay alive. It’s worth trying to push the Airport if you find yourself needing cash, but keep an eye out for any other players, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in an open dead end like this.

Sarrif Bay

Warzone 2 hidden cache sarrif bayActivision
Only one Cache sits around Sarrif Bay.

Unless you find yourself in Sarrif Bay, this is not the best Hidden Cache around. It’s tough to get to and there are much better locations to head to.

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Sawah Village

Sawah Village hidden cache location Warzone 2Activision
There’s tons of money to be made in Sawah Village.

One of those better locations is Sawah Village. There are tons of locations to find and some are in extremely close proximity. It’s well worth heading over here.


Cemetery hidden cache location in Warzone 2Activision
The Cemetery is filled with seven Hidden Caches.

Once you’ve looted the Sawah Village, going over to the Cemetery is the next best option. It’s filled with Hidden Caches and will likely make you thousands of dollars. It may be open and risky but if you can stay alive, it’s well worth any trouble you’ll come across.

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Warzone 2 caves hidden cache locationActivision
Only a few Caches reside near the Caves.

While not overly plentiful, the Caves have some useful Hidden Caches dotted around. Head over there if you need some quick and easy cash in Warzone 2.


Al Mazrah Port Cache locationActivision
Only one Cache currently lies in the Port.

Only one Cache can be found in the Port, meaning it’s ideal if you find yourself already there but is not worth actively searching for unless you want to get all the Caches in Warzone 2.

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