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All 38 Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 cosmetic bundles leaked

Published: 6/Aug/2020 2:17 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 13:32

by Theo Salaun


With the release of Modern Warfare and Warzone: Season 5, Call of Duty has also added 38 new cosmetic bundles to their store — delighting players who have been saving up COD points for some spicy gear.

Alongside 100 tiers of Season 5’s Battle Pass, 38 bundles of purchasable cosmetics will be made available throughout the season. These cosmetics include everything from Shadow Tracers and a Tamagotchi-inspired watch to new Weapon Blueprints and that obnoxious golden-masked Operator Skin fans noticed during Season 5’s teaser cinematics.



That Operator Skin has been revealed to be for Mace, is named “the Armorer,” and is part of a flashy “Executive Armorer” bundle. That bundle costs 2,400 COD Points and comes equipped with the Mace Skin, a Grau Blueprint, a Fennec Blueprint and a golden axe, as well as a Charm, Sticker, and Operator Quip.

But not all of the season’s packs appear to be so flashy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, players can opt to go retro with a Tamagotchi-esque watch called the “Tomogunchi Turbo.” This little wrist accessory is part of a pack with the same name, that costs 1,200 COD Points and features a Sticker and three Emblems.


tomogunchi turbo watch
Infinity Ward
No word yet on if the Tomogunchi Turbo’s egg will eventually hatch.

Fans may be disappointed to find out that this season’s cosmetic rotation appears to have forsaken the highly anticipated Mara: Kawaii Cat bundle, which has been leaked for months and features an Operator Skin for Mara with hilarious cat ears as well as an “Aomi” Katana-esque melee weapon. 

But that doesn’t mean Infinity Ward has given up entirely on Japanese inspiration, even though the listed bundles don’t seem to feature any new anime gear. 

Instead, there are packs like the aforementioned Tomogunchi, as well as some more serious ones like Crane Calligraphy and Eternal Samurai, the latter featuring its own swords: the Daimyo swords, which appear to be an ode to the Japanese dual-wielding technique of Niten Ichi-ryu.


While players won’t see all 38 bundles at once through their in-game store, they have all been added to CoD Tracker in case people want to peruse the assortment

In the meantime, if you play on PS4 and want to take some time to figure out what bundles to spend your precious points on — feel free to go ahead and grab the Season 5 Combat Pack bundle, which is free for all PS Plus subscribers.