Activision tease further Modern Warfare “surprises” from Infinity Ward


Activision President Rob Kostich has claimed that Infinity Ward has got a few more “surprises” up their sleeve for Modern Warfare, noting that there are already plans in place for the long-haul.

The newest installment to the popular Call of Duty sub-series released back in October and though complaints remain about maps, spawns, and various other bugs, Infinity Ward is gearing up to roll out their second season of content. 

Season one saw the return of classic fan-favorite Modern Warfare maps, as well as a tonne of new cosmetics, and even a new weapon or two. However, with some talk already lingering about the next game – which is set to come in the fall – Activision has noted that Modern Warfare still has plenty of road to run before its time is up. 

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Shipment spawns in Modern WarfareInfinity Ward
Shipment made a return in Modern Warfare season one.

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During the February 6 investors call, Kostich fielded questioned about a number of issues including player engagement, revenue, and what both investors and players can expect in the future – both long-term and immediate. 

Upon doing so, Kostich revealed that Infinity Ward still has a few surprises in store for players. “It’s really on us from now to really build great content, which we intend to do for the long haul on this game,” he said. 

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“A great pipeline of content is coming starting with Season 2 next week. And, we have some surprises in store beyond that. So I’d say overall, what we expect is a healthier Call of Duty in 2020 versus the previous year. And we look forward to sharing more in the future.”

Activision logoActivision
Activision have to give investors an inside look into their business, leading to a few hints about the future.

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Though he might not have been exactly forthcoming with details, Kostich still said enough to get fans excited and speculating. Many are still awaiting the previously ‘leaked’ battle royale mode – which was apparently meant to release at the end of January

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According to one leaker, there have also been game modes apparently added to the game’s files that have yet to see the light of day. Whether they’d constitute as big enough surprises, though, remains unknown.

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With a huge back catalog of Modern Warfare content to work with, Infinity Ward could easily have anything set to come as a surprise, but fans probably won’t want to wait too long before getting their hands on them.

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We’ll just have to wait and see as to what they’ve got planned and what announcements they make next.