Activision respond as glitches ruin new Infected mode in Black Ops 4

Joe Craven

Activision officially responded on Reddit after a user came up against an opponent using a glitched spot in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the newly-added Infection mode, this time on the map Firing Range.

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Issues with Infected in Black Ops 4

Since the Infected game mode was added to Black Ops 4 on April 9, Treyarch have had to combat a number of players looking to exploit glitch spots in game. Infected is based around trying to survive against the ‘infected’ players, who are armed with melee weapons and throwing knives, as well as being given slightly boosted speed and jumping abilities.

In the footage, a surviving player has reached a specific glitch spot on the popular map Firing Range, which was brought back from the original Black Ops game in Treyarch’s new title. The survivor cannot be reached by the meleeing infected, but can still shoot down onto them and kill them.

Infected was first added to Call of Duty back in Modern Warfare 3.
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Activision responds to Black Ops 4 Infected glitch spot

The clip was quickly identified and responded to by ‘ATVI Support’; Activision’s official support account. They said that coming up against “players who choose to play unfairly or use exploits is never fun, or cool on their part”, and they appreciate the glitch being brought to their attention.

They thank the Reddit user for reporting the opponent in-game, but state that they prefer glitch spots to be reported privately – rather than being shared to Reddit or elsewhere – so other players are not made aware of the possibility to exploit the game in the same way.

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The problems with Infected and glitching in Black Ops 4 have even caused Treyarch employee Alexander Conserva to tweet a response, saying that they are “discussing what to do” to players who cheat. He even humorously suggests they should give them an instant victory as it’s “what they want”. 

It is likely that the player caught in the exploitative position will face a temporary or even permanent ban from Black Ops 4, particularly given the attention they have now received via Reddit.