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Activision release impressive figures behind Cold War Alpha downloads

Published: 28/Sep/2020 20:33

by Tanner Pierce


It’s been a little over a week since the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer Alpha, and Activision has revealed that the pre-release version was the most downloaded Alpha or Beta in the Call of Duty franchise ever.

Hype for Black Ops Cold War is pretty high. For people who didn’t enjoy Modern Warfare, the game promises to be a breath of fresh air and a return to form for the series, which is sure to get some people incredibly excited.


A week or so back, Activision held an Alpha for the game for free for anyone on a PlayStation 4. Which some criticized the decision to make the pre-release version exclusive for owners of the aforementioned console, most people praised the decision and many players seemingly jumped into the game.

Activision has revealed that the Black Ops Cold War Alpha was downloaded more than any other Call of Duty Alpha or Beta.

Now, Activision has revealed on its official Twitter account that not only was the Alpha extremely popular but it was the most popular Call of Duty Alpha or Beta ever released on PlayStation 4. An enormous feat, to say the least.


While it makes sense that it would be the most popular Alpha considering it’s only the second one they’ve done publicly, it’s kind of crazy to think that it also blew away the Betas released for previous CoD titles.

While neither Activision nor PlayStation released any statistics for the actual Alpha in terms of player counts, one has to wonder if it crossed the million mark. Considering everyone on the platform had access to it, it would make sense that more people would want to play it, even if they aren’t fans of the franchise.

All in all, it’ll be interesting to see if this hype translates over to the Beta weekend. While there’s also a portion of it that’s open to the public on all consoles, many players feel like Black Ops Cold War is in a rough spot right now in terms of gameplay, graphics, and more.


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