Activision CEO explains why Black Ops 4 was released a month early

Albert Petrosyan

Call of Duty publishers Activision have revealed why they decided to release the new Black Ops 4 title about a month earlier than usual.

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CoD titles have traditionally launched globally in the mid to early parts of November; the average release date for the last three games has been November 4. 

However, Black Ops 4 was released on October 12, something which had been announced during the first reveal of the game back in May. 

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During the November 9 Financial Call for Activision Blizzard’s third quarter, CEO Robert A. Kotick revealed that the game was released when it was to allow “more players” to be online going into the holiday season. 

The December-January period has traditionally been an important one for Call of Duty, especially with the recent trend of introducing themed promo events during popular seasons. 

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By releasing the game earlier than usual, the player-base will have an extra month to build up in advance of what is expected to be a content packed Holiday season.

This decision also has an impact beyond the winter as well, especially with Activision also revealing that they have a lot of content set in store for CoD in 2019.

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If Activision decide to revert back to the more usual release schedule for the next CoD title, releasing Black Ops 4 early also gives it a whole extra month of being the main title on the back end.