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Activision Announce Special 'War Bonds' Call of Duty: WWII Event - Free CoD Points and Free Supply Drops

by Calum Patterson


Activision have announced a new special event in Call of Duty: WWII and in a rare move are offering the opportunity for players to earn CoD points entirely free, just by ranking up.

The event called "War Bonds" will is not the same as other community events such as the 'Resistance' or recent 'Blitzkrieg', but seems to be a standalone offer running in game for only five days.


CoD points are of course the digital currency used in Call of Duty games, first introduced back in Black Ops 3 in 2015, allowing players to spend a bit of cash in order to receive bonus and rare items through supply drops.

Of course, there are other ways to earn supply drops too simply by playing, levelling up and completing in game contracts and 'orders'.


With each of the recent community events, these supply drops are restocked with new weapons, outfits and other customization options for players.

And for the first time in CoD: WWII, you will now be able to secure yourself up to 500 CoD points entirely free, by simply completing certain tasks while the event is live.

There is also the opportunity to earn free supply drops as well, with any purchase of CoD Points (up to 10) earning a bonus common supply drop to "sweeten your haul".

The 'War Bonds' Event in CoD: WWII. Image: Call of Duty


Firstly you will just need to login in to the game, and then play 10 multiplayer matches. This will earn you 400 of the 500 free points available. Then, sign up for Call of Duty newsletter for the last 100. You can find the full details of how to do this below.

Time to get rewarded three different ways.

Battling on the front lines demands first-rate gear for each and every soldier. That’s why command has seen fit to deposit War Bond funds right into your pocket. Collect your funds, freshen up your loadout and get back out in the field, double-time.

As a thank you for playing, beginning on May 10th, the War Bonds Event will start paying out players with Call of Duty Points. You’ve put in plenty of time in battle and you’re due for some hazard pay. Here’s how you collect:

Login Bonus - 200 CoD Points

This one’s real simple: login between 5/10 and 5/15 and you’ll get 200 Call of Duty Points (CP). Simply head to the Mail Post and it’ll be sitting there waiting for you. No need to do anything else. Just login and collect.

Complete 10 MP Matches - 200 CoD Points

Between 5/10 and 5/15, anybody who completes 10 Multiplayer (MP) matches gets 200 CP. If you’re anything like us, this is a one-sitting session. But, fortunately for you, you have five days to complete those 10 matches. And, once you finish your 10th match, your CP reward will make its way to the Mail Post.

Opt-In To Receive The Call of Duty Newsletter - 100 CoD Points

Command wants to see you out there with the best gear possible, so two rewards just didn’t feel like enough. For another 100 CP, you’ll only need to opt-in to receive the Call of Duty Newsletter. Simply create a Call of Duty account, if you haven’t already, under the ‘Social’ tab. Then, opt into receiving e-mails and you’re all set. You’ll be the first to get all the latest intel on events, maps, weapons, gear and all things Call of Duty sent right to your inbox.

If you’re already opted-in before 5/9, you’ll receive your CP at the Mail Post between 5/10 and 5/15. If you opt-in between 5/9 and 5/15, you’ll receive your 100 CP between 5/16 and 5/22.

CP Purchase Bonus

The War Bonds Event isn’t just handing out CP, they’re also rewarding you with free Supply Drops. Any purchase of Call of Duty Points, up to 10, between 5/10 and 5/15 gets a bonus Common Supply Drop to sweeten your haul. Get more CP, more Supply Drops, more gear. All bonus Supply Drops earned will be delivered to the Mail Post between 5/16 and 5/22.

War Bonds won’t be paying out forever. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your share. It all happens May 10th-15th. Get ready to upgrade your gear stash in a big way.


Source: Call of Duty