ACHES is tired of having to play ‘burgers’ in CWL 2Ks

. 4 years ago

Call of Duty esports is unique in that anyone can sign up for a 2K tournament and play against the best players in the world. The best players in the world, however, are not getting much out of it.

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Two-time World Champion ACHES vented his frustrations while playing against a team that was struggling to keep up with his EnVy squad in the early rounds of the first NA 2K.

His teammates reminded him that the team they were playing was trying to get better, and was in a position that most pros were in before they made it big.

The reasoning did not work as ACHES hilariously unloaded, “I want to get better at basketball, I don’t get to go play LeBron every day!”

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“LeBron ain’t got time to just play me 1 on 1, or 5v5, or me vs the Lakers,” continued ACHES.

The online CWL 2K tournaments have drawn criticism from pros for their size and the amount of time they take to complete, with some tournaments stretching into the early morning hours of the following day. The first Black Ops 4 2K has over 1,000 registered teams, most of which barely put up a fight against pros.

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Changes to the CWL format have made the Pro Points earned during 2Ks less of a necessity for the top teams in the world, however the events are still used for valuable practice in a competitive setting – just not in the early rounds.

ACHES did not just bring up the comparison to the NBA, he also used other esports as an example of CoD’s strange mixing of top pros with amateurs, “I can’t just hop on [League of Legends] every Sunday and be in a game with [SK Telecom].”

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EnVy finally put the am team out of their misery as ACHES’ hilarious rant continued. You can watch his full musings below.

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