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Call of Duty • Jul 30, 2018

Aches Had a Fantastic Response After EG Landed in OpTic's Group at CoD Champs

Aches Had a Fantastic Response After EG Landed in OpTic's Group at CoD Champs

The bizarre lack of Search and Destroy practice by the top professional Call of Duty teams is a well-documented problem.

Despite SnD taking up two out of every five maps in a competitive matchup, the pros prefer to practice Hardpoint and Capture the Flag due to the respawn nature of it.


The latest editions of the Evil Geniuses and OpTic Gaming rosters have severely struggled when it has come to SnD, so much so that it prompted EG captain Pat ‘Aches’ Price to joke about it.

After EG threw away their chance at making the CWL Pro League Stage Two playoffs, it was down to the teams who did make the final eight to see who they’d be paired up with at CoD Champs 2018.


After losing to FaZe Clan and UNILAD to place top eight, OpTic Gaming confirmed their spot in Group H alongside Supremacy and Elevate.

Following the news, Aches Tweeted out that at least one of the teams will finally win an SnD.


OpTic fans should, of course, be wary of going up against Aches, as the Ghosts world champion has eliminated the GreenWall at both CoD Champs 2015 and 2016.

As the two sides are now paired up in groups, providing there is an upset from either Supremacy or Elevate, there is the chance the OG vs EG matchup could turn into an elimination match.

You can view the full list of CoD Champs 2018 groups by clicking here.

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