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ACHES explains how "dumb as bricks" Luminosity can fix CoD roster problems

by square1


Patrick ‘Call of Duty pros in the esports scene, and the Team Envy star has had his say on how "dumb as bricks" Luminosity can address their roster issues.

On Thursday, May 23, Luminosity announced that they had chosen to bench star player Pierce ‘Gunless’ Hillman following a disastrous run of form in the CWL Pro League.

At the time of the decision, Luminosity had lost seven consecutive matches in Call of Duty’s premier competition, and finished top eight at CWL London after securing victory and CWL Fort Worth less than two months earlier. The decision to bench someone who is arguably the team’s best player came as a shock to many, and it’s clear that ACHES thinks the organization made a mistake with this decision.

Gunless was MVP at CWL Fort Worth, but now finds himself on the bench.

ACHES gives simple solution to LG problems

Typing in the Twitch chat of 100 Thieves coach James ‘Crowder’ Crowder, who was discussing the Luminosity roster change as part of his Crowder Hours podcast, two-time World Champion ACHES explained that sorting out Luminosity was simple, stating that Nicholas ‘Classic’ DiCostanzo was the player who should be benched, not Gunless.

“[Luminosity] just need to stop being dumb as bricks,” wrote the Team Envy star. “Drop the trashcan Classic, pick up a main [assault rifle player], and let [Gunless] rock.

“[They would] probably be a championship contender at CWL Finals and Call of Duty Championships. Sheesh, I might be a genius.”

AChes shared his suggestion on how to fix Luminosity.

Whether Luminosity decides to follow ACHES’ advice and bring Gunless back into the team remains to be seen, but for the time being, they will be using coach Richard ‘Ricky’ Stacey as his stand-in for the CWL Pro League.

While some thought their performance in the Pro League improved with the introduction of Ricky, the results remained the same as Luminosity fell to a 3-0 defeat to OpTic Gaming on May 23 - their eighth loss in a row.