Absurd Warzone clip shows the POV of hacker on a flying car


Call of Duty: Warzone’s flying car hacks are back and players aren’t thrilled about their return. Some can’t help but marvel though, as a ridiculous new video shows just how wild the cheats are from a hacker’s POV.

First things first: cheating in a multiplayer video game is bad. It is not nice behavior and it deserves punishment, which is why everyone hopes the Ricochet Anti-Cheat can keep ruining hackers’ experiences.

Nonetheless, some hacks are more interesting than others. While Warzone players hate aim-botters and ESP users, the flying car hack isn’t getting the same degree of anger.

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People don’t exactly support the Harry Potter-esque cheats, but they can’t help but be curiously fascinated by them. In fact, many seem to even be enjoying just how ridiculous the airborne vehicles look – especially from a hacker’s POV.

Warzone hacker’s POV while flying a car

In a clip posted to Reddit by the fittingly named ‘RedBirdsFly,’ you can see a player standing on top of a car while their buddy takes the wheel. A moment later, these villains are lifted off the ground and are flying through the skies while sniping the good guys.

For many, this is the first time people have ever seen the flying car hack from a cheater’s POV. And, honestly, people seem to appreciate it a little (at least, the flying part, not the aimbot degeneracy).

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One of the most upvoted comments said: “at least he’s doing something that would make people laugh.” A former rage-quitter even agreed, replying that they’ve “quit the game completely because of hacker, but this s**t looks a little fun.”

Call of Duty Warzone Tactical RoverActivision
Cars are not technically supposed to fly in Warzone.

Others continued, with one calling it the “funniest hack I’ve seen” and another dubbing it “the best cheat I’ve seen.”

So, while everyone agrees that hacking is bad, there seem to be levels to it. If cheaters like this video’s fittingly named ‘Banned Permanently’ want to turn community sentiment in their favor, maybe they should shut off the aimbot and stick to funny, flying vehicles.

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Otherwise, the reports will keep rolling in and they’ll end up whining that they got banned for ruining other people’s experiences.