Absurd Modern Warfare 2 exploit lets players jump through walls

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision

One of the more insane Modern Warfare 2 Beta glitches has surfaced towards the end of Week Two as players have discovered a new exploit to phase through solid walls.

While the Modern Warfare 2 Beta is now winding down, the community couldn’t let it go out on a whimper. Following on from backlash to controversial design choices, Skill-Based Matchmaking complaints, and hacking issues aplenty, one final flaw is now impacting what’s left of the public test.

From visual bugs to outright game crashes, we’ve already seen plenty of devastating issues in the Beta. Though this new exploit could just change the flow of any given match if players can master it in time.

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New in Modern Warfare 2 is the ability to hang from a ledge for the first time in series history. From this position, you can either drop to the ground, peak over with a pistol, or mantle up to continue climbing. It’s through this new feature that the game’s map design is falling apart as players are abusing the mechanic to clip through walls.

Showcasing the exploit in a September 25 post, Reddit user ‘iTzRainDude’ leapt through a wall on the Farm 18 map without hassle. Rather than having to walk around the corner, open a door, and enter the room in a conventional way, they were able to latch onto a shelf and glitch through the wall behind it.

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The new mantle feature appears to have a considerably strong pull to it, essentially magnetizing players even from a distance. Though it now seems that pull is strong enough to force players through brick walls.

It’s unclear how consistent the bug is across the Beta’s various maps, but Dexerto was able to replicate this particular instance in our own testing.

Currently, Infinity Ward is yet to address this wall-busting exploit. So while the Beta continues, it’s worth being extra vigilant and keep in mind that enemies might just crash into a room without going through a door or window.

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