9-year-old breaks his tooth in disastrous Warzone fail

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A 9-year-old gamer may have bitten off more than he could chew after he broke a tooth competing in Warzone.

Despite being an M-rated game, you’re likely to find gamers under the age of 17 trying to pick up wins in the Call of Duty battle royale Warzone.

In addition to strong language and suggestive themes, it seems like the ESRB forgot to include “choking hazard” in its description.

Unlike traditional sports where there are injuries aplenty, It’s not exactly common to see players require medical treatment for video gaming, but that’s exactly what happened to one young Warzone player.

As revealed by a user on Reddit, their nephew was playing Warzone when suddenly disaster struck and he ended up breaking a tooth.

warzone player breaks toothReddit
A young Warzone player broke his tooth while gaming.

Young Warzone player breaks a tooth

Using a microphone to communicate with teammates or trash-talk opponents is a common part of the modern gaming experience, but it can have some unexpected drawbacks.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Appropriate_Try_9946’ posted a message they received from what seems to be their relative explaining how their nephew damaged their tooth playing Warzone.

“I don’t know how this even happens, but [redacted] broke one of his permanent new teeth playing video games, because he accidentally bit the microphone,” the text read. “He’s hysterical and I’m telling him it’ll get fixed, but would this be a fake new tooth?”

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Have you ever hurt yourself while playing Warzone?

Warzone players were quick to respond to the story, remarking how they firmly believed this incident was real based on prior experiences.

“With some of the death comms I get from little kids, I wouldn’t be surprised by this in the slightest,” one player commented.

According to the original poster, the child used to scream nonstop while playing the game: “Swearing wasn’t an issue, but screaming was. My friends and I got him to tone it way done. He doesn’t talk to anyone he doesn’t know, only uses a headset with friends and family.”

Hopefully, the young player will be alright and sees a dentist to prepare for the launch of Warzone 2 later this year.