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7 best Call of Duty Warzone players to watch: March 2021

Published: 19/Feb/2021 16:30 Updated: 23/Mar/2021 17:55

by Theo Salaun


Every month, Call of Duty: Warzone becomes more competitive and its very best players get harder to rank. With event format and participation inconsistency, March 2021 might be the most difficult month yet.

On March 2, DiazBiffle made an emphatic return to Warzone tournaments by dominating the Toronto Ultra $100K Trios Kill Race — and he hasn’t played in a single tournament since. That’s why this is a hard month to gauge: Tournament formats and participation are inconsistent.

Still, it’s hard to blame him for dealing with a student’s schedule or the lobby SBMM RNG of Trio Kill Race formats. Duo Quads formats deserve a little extra weight, but placement, K/D and the eye test still reign supreme as ranking metrics (in that order).


There were just a few major tournaments since our February list and the Ultra prize pool eclipses them all combined. The March rankings should be considered in that vacuum and are subject to change quickly in April. As for how they might change? Three upsurging players are hitting impressive form (Fifakill, Stukawaki and Destroy) and two are approaching earlier glory (SuperEvan, Zlaner).

7. Edy ‘Newbz’ Juan

Months ago, Tommey and Almond both said Newbz was a top-seven player. There wasn’t enough tournament proof to rank him that way, but there certainly is now. Placing third in both the Ultra $100K and Jack Link’s $30K, Newbz should be flying onto radars. 


It’s true that K/D doesn’t tell the whole story, but an 8.42 K/D and a 4.65 at those events, respectively, denotes some inconsistency. That keeps Newbz from rising higher on the list, but he and SuperEvan could be a scary new pair if they keep up this form. 

6. Rhys ‘Rated’ Price

At this point, it’s hard to know whether Rated is carrying Aydan or Aydan is carrying Rated. But after what felt like an eternity going undefeated in events, both are bumped down this month due to unbecoming finishes — fourth at the Ultra $100K and a shock Losers Round 2 exit at the Jack Link’s $30K. Each event easily surpassed the $12K that the duo won on March 14 in the Mina Mendes tourney.


In both Mina Mendes and Jack Link’s, Rated posted the higher K/D (including 12.19 in the Ultra finals, second-highest of the day), but the lower total kills. He complements, and reins in, Aydan’s aggression, but is still a top-seven demon on the map himself. 

5. Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad

As mentioned, this has been a rough stretch considering Aydan’s caliber. And that’s ridiculous because he’s still maintained enough form to slay out and surpass HusKerrs as the top earner in Warzone.

But placing fourth in the $100K and losing early in a $30K is too much inconsistency to maintain a monthslong No. 1 spot. Ignoring those events’ respective lobby and matchup difficulties, we now have proof that Verdansk gods can bleed. 


Still, the new Subliner is a terror, won the Mina Mendes event, won the $25K Code Red Co-Ed, a $50K charity event and remains the game’s biggest threat to retake No. 1.

4. Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas

Dropping to No. 4 is no sleight against HusKerrs, who has been performing incredibly despite changing teammates. He’s not winning events, but he placed third in the $100K (with the day’s fourth-highest K/D: 10.79) and fourth in the Jack Link’s $30K. 

If Husk played in as many tournaments as Aydan and Rated, he may very well have maintained the No. 1 spot. But he and Zlaner look like a dirty duo and, having started grinding wagers, could get back to winning events sooner than later.


3. Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren

It has been Tommey’s world this past 30 days, everyone else is just living (and dying) in it. Second at the $100K (with nonstop Diamond lobbies to boot), first at Jack Link’s and even third at the Co-Ed, Tommey has been on an absolute mission.

Alongside Almond and Newbz, the 100 Thieves stud is galloping through lobbies at a near-unprecedented pace. Including March, Tommey has now climbed the rankings in three consecutive months.

2. Almond

It’s not quite clear what possessed Almond this past month, but I’ll have what he and Tommey are having. The second and first-place finishes at big events are nice, but Almond’s K/D in each has been downright evil.

We try not to overvalue K/D, it’s a nuanced stat. But in this case, we’re talking about a 15.45 in the Ultra $100K (the event’s highest) and a 7.31 in the Jack Link’s $25K (second-highest). Almond has been, to the amusement of fathers everywhere, absolutely nutty.

1. DiazBiffle

Last month, Biffle missed the top seven because he hadn’t played in a single tournament. This month, he plays in one tournament, drops a double-digit K/D on both days (including the Finals’ third-highest: 11.47) and vanishes with a fattened wallet.

It’s almost mythical at this point. Biff deserves the No. 1 spot despite inconsistent participation and easier lobbies in the $100K because a small, slightly tainted sample size can still be terrifying. 

He’s like the Verdansk boogeyman; a neighborhood bully might be a more frequent threat, but just can’t feel as scary as the nightmare you see every once in a while. Except with Biffle, you don’t see him when it gets dark — just when a prize pool hits triple digits.

There’s a reason that there wasn’t a single Warzone streamer tier list that had Biffle outside of S-Tier, despite him playing in so few tournaments and even fewer wagers. But, he’s a risk to drop out of the top seven in April if he, again, doesn’t participate in a single event.

List is highly volatile and changes monthly. All individual K/D and total kill stats are courtesy of InTheZone.