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7 best Call of Duty Warzone players to watch: February 2021

Published: 19/Feb/2021 16:30 Updated: 20/Feb/2021 17:16

by Theo Salaun


As Warzone’s meta changes, so do (some of) its stars. When Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War integrated, the now-nerfed DMR 14, MAC-10, and dual Diamattis took center stage. Over a month later, a new crop of talented gunslingers stands out. 

January and February 2021 have presented a novel, somewhat weird stretch of time for Warzone. A stark departure from the months of frenzy following the game’s March 2020 debut, the past couple months have only featured a few high-stakes tournaments — and even fewer traditional duos kill races.


Additionally, some of Verdansk’s most renowned early stars have moved on, as Vikkstar, NICKMERCS, and Symfuhny all decry the lack of anti-cheat for pushing them to stop competing in tournaments. (That may change in the near future though, as Sym and others believe recent ban waves are making a difference.)

This list essentially works as up-to-date power rankings for Warzone’s most dangerous competitors, based primarily on recent performance (but still considering historical success). Based on feedback from top players, we’ve adjusted the ranking system slightly to weigh 2v2s more heavily since they ensure teams are competing on the same playing field.


7. Almond

The No. 7 spot will always be a difficult one, but Almond has made his case and earned his place. Some fans might argue that he doesn’t have the raw mechanics of Biffle or Symfuhny, but the results speak for themselves. Alongside his duo, Tommey, Almond has mastered the FFAR and placed highly throughout January and early February.


Almond won the $25K Ravenstorm celebrity trios tournament, placed top-6 in the $25K Code Red duos tourney and secured top-4 in Dallas Empire‘s $25K duos event. For some icing on the cake, he managed to post the highest K/D (9.94) and average damage (7,505) of his team while placing first on the most stacked quad imaginable (Aydan, Rated and Tommey) in the $6K Mainland Gaming tourney (per InTheZone).

6. Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James

Like Almond, Jukeyz does not sit in the top 10 for Warzone earners. But his raw talent is universally respected and he is much better than payouts indicate. Based in Liverpool, not only does he get invited to fewer tournaments than others, but when he is invited, he’s regularly asked not to host and instead has to overcome ping in the 150 range. 


Despite those obstacles, Jukeyz placed top-6 in the Code Red tourney and top-4 in the $10K FuzWuz duos invitational. In that latter event, he tied Tommey for highest overall K/D with a stunning 9.25 (per ITZ). By fans and peers alike, the streamer is regularly considered a candidate to be the best Warzone player in the world on any day (no matter the time zone).

5. Zack ‘Zlaner’ Lane

Last month, Zlaner was ranked all the way up at No. 3, but the Canadian streamer has taken a backseat after a months-long hot streak and fallen a little further back in the top seven. While Zlaner’s skill cannot be doubted, inconsistent participation (and performance) in tourneys warrants a slight drop in the rankings.


Still, months past winning event after event as Aydan’s duo — Zlaner has begun partnering with HusKerrs and the two are making some headway in results. They placed third in the Dallas Empire tourney and second in the FuzWuz invitational, but the latter event wasn’t Z’s finest, as he dropped a 4.98 K/D (per ITZ). That practically has to be his roughest performance in months, suggesting struggles in the current meta. Still, he’s eighth among earners for a reason and, despite a recent drop-off, easily deserves his place in the top seven.

4. Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren

When the January list came out, the most frequently, angrily questioned absence was Tommey. Despite sitting as the fourth-highest earner in Warzone at the time, he just barely missed the list due to struggles securing first place in the preceding month’s events. Well, Tommey has since come out and made an impact on practically every tourney since — ensuring a spot in February’s top seven.

First in Ravenstorm, fourth in the Dallas Empire event and sixth at Code Red, Tommey has been a presence in each major tournament. Past that, he’s also won smaller tournaments like the Mainland Gaming quads and the Guilty Esports Love Co-Ed. As if that wasn’t enough, the competitor posted a 9.25 K/D (tied for highest in the tourney) during FuzWuz, despite ultimately struggling during the event. He’s clearly back in form and, like The Boys, that means he’s back in the seven.

3. Rhys ‘Rated’ Price

Three months ago, Rated wouldn’t have been in the top seven. Despite numerous high tournament placements, including Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown and at HusKerrs Howl, he simply hadn’t carved out clear superiority. Now, he’s signed with 100T, formed a duo with Aydan and, at this rate, practically become a guarantee to overtake HusKerrs at No. 2.

In January, Rated had surged up to No. 6 on the earnings list. In February, he’s reached No. 3. He and Aydan have won every single duos event they’ve played in over the past couple months (including Code Red and the Dallas Empire’s $25K tourneys) and, by some miracle, also placed second in the Ravenstorm celebrity trios and fourth in the $250K, hacker-marred Twitch Rivals custom. It seems like every player Aydan duos with ends up winning events, but Rated’s comms and individual talent deserve merit on their own. (As for his IQ, some believe that the dent in Aydan’s head is actually a consequence of a brain meld with Rhys.)

2. Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas

The world’s first competitor to earn $100K in Wazone, HusKerrs is a certified robot that surgically decimates Verdansk lobbies. No one can match his earnings (yet) and few can maintain his composure when in the heat of gunfire. 

Already the winningest competitor in the game, HusKerrs quickly adapted to DMRZone, won a Toronto event and has, despite changing teammates numerous times, continued putting up strong performances. Now, he’s starting to play with Zlaner more regularly and getting back to strong placements. He can’t overtake Aydan and is at risk of being usurped by Rated while that duo keeps winning events, but HusKerrs easily remains one of the top deadliest players on Verdansk.

1. Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad

Cracked, twisted, possessed by the spirits of G FUEL and anime, whatever you want to call it — Aydan continues to be the filthiest player in Warzone. The former Fortnite pro already held a bevy of tournament wins, then shifted into another gear and then shifted again, dominating meta after meta. While his mechanics and comms are some of Verdansk’s best, game sense likely sets him apart. 

In the Jack Link’s Invitational, the first since BOCW integration, Aydan dominated with the old Kilo and R9 class, posting a 10.5 K/D (per ITZ) and claiming first place. Then, while others shifted to the DMR, the beatboxing, dented maestro disappointingly stuck it out with the Kilo placed outside of the top 6 at WarzoneMania. 

But the guy who originated the Origin-12 proved to be meta-proof by joining the DMR and MAC-10 world and winning Toronto’s December event with a strong 9.0 K/D. Then, in the time since, he’s picked up the FFAR and proceeded to win money at every single event — no matter the format. At the time of writing, he and Rated are on an unprecedented 2v2 win streak and, fittingly, getting more competitors involved in non-tournament wagers.