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6 things that need to be changed in Warzone Season 3

Published: 19/Apr/2021 14:33

by Jacob Hale


Warzone Season 3 is fast approaching, with April 21 set to bring a number of huge changes — including the highly anticipated new map — to the Call of Duty battle royale hit.

While the new map is going to be the biggest thing for many players, and something that has been requested for months, we should expect to see major occurrences all across the game.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the new features, changes or additions that we’d love to see in Warzone Season 3.

It’s worth noting that certain features — such as a more efficient anti-cheat system — aren’t included in our list here as they are such an obvious necessity at this point.


Better weapon balancing

DMR meta in Warzone
Referred to as ‘DMRZone’, the DMR meta was one of the most frustrating in Warzone history.

An obvious one, but developers Raven Software haven’t done the best job of balancing weapons, especially since the Black Ops Cold War integration with Warzone.

The new Sykov pistols have already been promised a nerf within days of coming out, while weapons such as the M16, AUG, and DMR have caused headaches all across Verdansk. A varied meta would be much healthier for the game and far less frustrating for players.

More responsive patches

It goes without saying that the number of bugs, glitches, overpowered weapons and issues found in Warzone is extraordinary.

One of the biggest issues with this, though, is how long it takes the devs to actually fix said issues. How long has the Roze skin been a nuisance in the game? How long was the FFAR far too powerful before they finally nerfed it — even if not to much avail?


These are things that we would like to see occur much quicker in Season 3 and beyond.

Remove Stopping Power

Warzone stopping power rounds
Stopping Power packs guns with even more of a punch.

Stopping Power serves no valuable purpose to the game. Other Field Upgrades — Trophy Systems and Dead Silence, for example — can be frustrating to play against but they can still be countered.

Stopping Power, on the other hand, is just a pure instance of luck of the draw, and is simply unfair to whoever’s on the receiving end.

Huge audio fixes

Audio has been one of the most frustrating things in Warzone ever since it was launched in March 2020. Enemy footsteps can rarely be properly identified without cranking your headset right up. On the other side of the spectrum, some audio, such as vehicle music or the plane when dropping in, are far too loud.


The balance needs to be far more efficient, or give players more specific audio settings to alter.

Fix broken rock climbing spots

warzone dam cliffs
Scaling the cliff at Dam is possible, but it’s a Herculean task that requires a lot of testing.

Another issue that has plagued the game since launch is players’ ability to scale cliffs and climb over things. Some huge cliff faces can be climbed up, providing you find the right spot, which is fine, especially if the storm is moving up a hill.

The main issue, though, is that spots that look easily climbable just aren’t. Small rocks or rises in hills can’t be hopped no matter how you come at them, and the physics make absolutely no sense by comparison.


Remove Stim Shot

This one really needs no explanation. The Stim Shot tactical equipment is near enough useless in Warzone… Except for when doing the stim glitch.

This should have happened when it popped up the second or third time, yet here we are. Removing stim hurts virtually nobody, and stops the stim glitch from ever happening again. Problem solved.

Season 3 is set to be one of the biggest yet for Warzone, and a new map with some huge quality of life improvements could breathe new life into the game.

While we don’t expect all of these to happen, they’re all things that we would love to see — but only time will tell what actually happens.