50-year-old Warzone player celebrates first win after two years of straight losses

Ryan Lemay
Warzone gameplay

You are never too old to play video games — and a soon-to-be 50-year-old Warzone player proved that by winning their first game after two years of trying.

Warzone fans already laud the new map Fortune’s Keep as ‘better than Rebirth Island‘ and the June 30 update addressed several fan-requested changes such as nerfs for the NZ-41 and H4 Blixen.

Fans seem to be happy with the current direction of Warzone, and several former players such as NICKMERCS have returned to the game.

Reddit user DanTheRanger contributed to the positivity train by posting an uplifting photo from their first-ever Warzone win.

overhead view of fortunes keep map in cod warzone
Fortune’s Keep has enjoyed a good reception in CoD Warzone Season 4.

Warzone player celebrates their first victory

Anyone that plays battle royale games knows the rush that comes from winning your first game. Most players can recall exactly how their first win went for games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Warzone.

DanTheRanger shared the story of his first win and said, “first solo win in any mode and the first time I played the new map. Honestly, as a soon-to-be 50-year-old man, I am over the moon.”

The post currently has just under 2,500 upvotes and there are 164 comments congratulating DanTheRanger on their accomplishment.

One user said, “congratulations! I have been at it for three years and only have one win in any game mode.”

Another user added, “good for you dude. Nothing feels better than the first win and watch; they come in easier now. I am 51 and have been playing FPS games since before most of these kids were born.”

DanTheRanger may have even recruited some new teammates as Reddit user Paulrevere1188 asked if there is a dad discord for players of the same age and mindset to link up together.

You are never too old to do well at video games.