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5 weapons Black Ops Cold War could bring back

Published: 14/Sep/2020 16:26

by James Busby


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal has given fans a good look at a number of guns, but there are a few fan-favorites yet to be revealed. Here are 5 weapons we want to see make a return in Treyarch’s upcoming shooter. 

Black Ops Cold War aims to bring plenty of exciting new game modes, maps, perks, and deadly new weapons. With the game taking place during the early 1980s, there are a number of iconic guns we’d love to see make a return – after all, the very best CoD games always feature a few familiar faces. 

The multiplayer reveal showcased 17 weapons and this number is expected to be expanded upon when the game launches later this year. While it’s still early days for Treyarch’s upcoming title, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Black Ops weapons we want to see return in Cold War. 


Enfield Black Ops
The Enfield assault rifle would make a worthy addition to Black Ops Cold War.

The SA80, more commonly known as the Enfield is a British assault rifle that was first used in 1985. Early prototypes of this light support weapon were floating around as early as 1976, but it was only during the mid-80s that it began to see action.

While the Enfield wasn’t the best assault rifle in the original Black Ops, it did boast superior handling thanks to its fast aim down sight speed (200ms). 

Boasting clean iron sights and a methodical fire rate of 750 RPM, the Enfield excelled at killing targets across mid to long-range engagements. This British assault rifle may not be the first weapon you think of when picturing the Cold War, but it is one gun we’d love to see make a return. 


Galil Black Ops
Call of Duty Wiki
The Galil dominated the battlefield in the original Black Ops.

While eagle-eyed fans have spotted the Galil in Black Ops Cold War’s trailer, we haven’t actually seen any gameplay of it. This Israeli made assault rifle shares similarities to that of the Soviet AK-47, offering a robust and reliable design that works in many environments. Unlike the Kalashnikov, the Galil also boasts greater accuracy and was built to match that of the M16 and FN FAL

It was this accuracy and reliability that was shown in the original Black Ops. In fact, the Galil absolutely dominated the virtual battlefields back in 2010. This assault rifle was capable of killing an enemy with just three bodyshots and two well-placed headshots, making it an absolute monster. To make matters even better, the Galil’s vertical recoil was incredibly easy to mitigate and allowed players to beam their foes across all distances. 

This deadly assault rifle has been featured in every Black Ops, so we’d be surprised if it doesn’t make an appearance in Cold War. 


M60 Black Ops
The M60 packs a mighty punch and proves just how lethal LMGs can be.

The M60 is one of the beefiest LMGs ever to grace our screens and Black Ops Cold War could see it return.

This monolithic monster was adopted in 1957 by the US military and still remains in service to this day. However, this LMG was famously used during the Vietnam War and while the latest title is set to take place during the 1980s, we do get a flashback of Woods and co’s return to the jungle.

Black Ops’ M60 featured a massive 100 round magazine (200 with Extended Mags), moderate penetration, and highly damaging bullets that could kill an enemy in two to three hits depending on the range. Despite its high recoil and 9.7 second reload animation, this LMG was an absolute beast in multiplayer. 


Olympia Black Ops
Call of Duty Wiki
Black Ops Cold War could see the return of many classic shotguns.

Modern Warfare’s 725 proved just how devastating double-barreled shotguns could be, so it’s only right that Black Ops Cold War features its own satisfying shotgun. The Olympia (Rottweil Skeet Olympia 72) was produced in West Germany in 1972 under Italian manufacture, Fratelli Gamba. In Black Ops, the Olympia fires up to eight pellets per shot and can kill an enemy with just one shot to the head or chest.

While its kill potential in close-quarters fights is unparalleled, it does struggle during ranged engagements. In fact, the Olympia deals no damage past fifteen meters. This may seem like a huge downside, but the return of shotgun secondaries could make this shotgun viable should it return. 


Black Ops Python
Call of Duty Wiki
The Python is a sidearm many players have been able to rely on.

The Colt Python is a .357 Magnum caliber revolver that saw use in 1955-2005 and was widely used by American law enforcement.

However, most CoD fans will know that this lethal revolver was used by CIA operative, Alex Mason. Not only was this sidearm extremely deadly in the campaign, it was also the go-to secondary for those looking to tear a hole through their enemies. 

Being able to kill a full health enemy in just two hits in close-quarters fights is huge, especially when you pair it with a sniper. We still fondly remember the days where players would run around with akimbo Python’s on Nuketown, cleaning up the entire map with deadly blasts to the chest. Bringing back the Python would certainly make a lot of fans happy, so long as Second Chance doesn’t rear its head again. 

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Call of Duty

Best way to use zombie abilities in Warzone’s Zombie Royale

Published: 23/Oct/2020 15:51

by James Busby


Surviving as one of  Warzone’s fleshy undead can be a little tricky in the new Zombie Royale mode, but these tips should have you ripping and tearing your way to victory in no time. 

Warzone’s Halloween festivities are well underway and players have been busy unleashing their inner beast when playing the terrifyingly good LTM, Zombie Royale. The frozen fields of Verdansk have been cloaked in darkness and squads will need to work together if they wish to survive the horrors that await them. In this mode, dead operators skip the Gulag and instead come back as nightmarish zombies. While in this new undead form, players drop all their current equipment and perks.

If you wish to ever see your human form again, you’ll need to use your unique abilities to kill any players that dare to walk amongst the undead. While Zombie Royale’s reanimated corpses may have access to some incredibly potent attacks, they can be killed incredibly easily if you’re not careful. In order to help you get to grips with your newfound zombie form, we’ve put together a handy survival guide that should help you secure more kills.

Zombie abilities

Warzone Zombie
Activision / Infinity Ward
Warzone’s Zombies have access to some incredibly powerful abilities.

Passive abilities

Warzone’s zombies aren’t your standard shambling corpses – in fact, they have incredible agility. Their passive ability gives every undead player faster movement speed and stronger melee attacks, allowing you to quickly chase down your fleeing victims. Once you’ve tracked them down, swipe at them with your deadly strikes to snuff their life out for good. 

Zombies also have superior vision and can easily see nearby operators. Enemy players are highlighted and their footprints can be tracked, giving you plenty of opportunities to pounce on your newfound target. If that wasn’t enough, zombies are also immune to the gas circle and gas grenades. This allows you to set up some frightfully sneaky plays. 

Charged Jump

Arguably the most fun Zombie ability is the Charged Jump. This highly mobile move allows you to effortlessly leap onto rooftops, scale cliffs, evade enemy fire and initiate fights. You can adjust both the distance and height by holding down the Charged Jump button, so be sure to experiment with this before leaping towards your enemy. 

EMP Blast 

This ability works exactly the same as Modern Warefare’s EMP Drone in that it destroys enemy electronics, equipment, vehicles, and disables digital optics. Your enemy’s HUD will also be disabled if they get caught within the blast’s radius. 

Gas Grenade

Gas Grenades are incredibly potent in Warzone since they disorient your enemies and slow down their movements. Combine this with the high mobility from Zombie Royale’s undead and you have a lethal combination. 

Zombie ability tips

Warzone zombie fight
Activision / Infinity Ward
You’ll need to learn how to use these zombie abilities if you wish to increase your survivability.

Before you go chasing the nearest player, it’s often best to scan your surroundings for any enemy players that are alone. Not only will this stop your fleshy body from being riddled with bullets, it will also increase your chances of securing a successful kill. While it can be tempting to rush into the fray with your Charged Jump, it does give away your position thanks to the ability’s glow effect. 

Instead, it’s often best to use the cover of darkness to sneak up on them. Once you’ve successfully got within a few meters, it’s time to unleash your EMP Blast. This will instantly destroy any Proximity Mines and Claymore’s, allowing you to safely enter even the most fortified defenses. To make matters even better, the initial blast also reduces visibility and will cause most players to panic — giving you the moment to strike.

Once you have disabled any equipment and digital optics, it’s time to throw in your Gas Grenade. When the grenade has filled the room with deadly toxins, instantly run in and begin clawing away at your hapless victim. The slowing effect and overall disorientation from both abilities should make any escape futile.

Even if your enemy does manage to make a break for it, simply activate your Charged Jump to catch up to them. Just be aware that doing this will make you highly visible to nearby squads, so only use this ability when you have to. 

If you use these tips, you’ll be able to secure more kills as a zombie in Warzone’s Zombie Royale mode.