5 things Warzone needs in 2022

Sam Comrie
ITRA Burst Warzone

Warzone debuted back in March 2020 and has captivated Call of Duty players with high octane gameplay. The battle royale experience still leaves a lot to be desired compared to its competitors. 

Call of Duty: Vanguard was intended to be a great leap forward for Warzone, by revitalizing the current weapon meta and offering players a new location to explore. The game continues to be hindered by “broken weapons” and infuriating bugs.

Yet, players are still flocking to Warzone for the promise of a high-action CoD experience. As 2022 approaches fast, these 5 features could vastly improve Activision’s battle royale.

Ricochet Warzone loadout
Warzone has added new features in 2021, like RICOCHET anti-cheat.

Dedicated next-gen update

Warzone originally launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC respectively. With the advent of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X consoles, the demand for a dedicated next-gen iteration of Warzone has increased tenfold.

The Raven Software-led battle royale has managed to get by on the Modern Warfare engine, but Warzone could be capable of far more impressive technical feats. Giving Warzone a well overdue next-gen makeover could enhance its visuals exponentially. Implementing different performance and fidelity modes would allow for personalization.

Bringing over the immersion of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on the PS5 is needed too, to make weapons feel even punchier.

An evolving map, with regular events

Players waved goodbye to Verdansk as Vanguard brought Caldera into the fold. Even with its vibrant setting and varied terrains, Caldera hasn’t changed the Warzone experience meaningfully. One way that the developers could improve Warzone, is by constantly updating the map as the season progresses.

The world of Call of Duty means that conflict is always changing the landscape, which is an element that Warzone crucially needs to follow. We’ve seen glimpses of this before with the Die Hard-inspired event in Verdansk that saw Nakatomi Plaza introduced as an enthralling drop zone. Caldera has an immense opportunity to capitalize on this.

Environmental effects

Warzone’s engine feels familiar to players but is definitely capable of pushing its limits even further. While players flock from Battlefield 2042 back to Battlefield V, there is a gap in the market here that Activision and Raven Software can take advantage of. EA DICE has failed to please players, as many false promises regarding 2042’s action haven’t come to fruition. Now, Warzone could introduce environmental effects into Caldera, which would add thrilling spectacle into matches.

Caldera’s volcano is ripe for a disastrous eruption, which could make the map even deadlier as areas are covered in lava. Tornados and storms lend themselves to the map’s tropical climate. This would make final circles intense, and force players to traverse the environment, as opposed to camping in safe havens.

Field of view slider on consoles

Perhaps one of the biggest issues in Warzone is the lack of a FOV slider. Visibility is essential to overcome enemy squads in Warzone, and the current default FOV setting isn’t up to scratch. Operators like the dreaded Roze skin exploited the current FOV setting, infuriating players across the world. The developers have previously said that adding this feature is a stress on the game engine, but if Black Ops Cold War can do it, Warzone surely can too.

Stability improvements

No game is perfect, and will always need patches to improve gameplay and the like. However, players have been shocked by just how unpolished Warzone can be. Compared to rival games like Apex Legends and Fortnite, Warzone has quite a way to go before it reaches a dependable level of stability in the game. From alien-like graphical issues to unthinkable spawn problems, Warzone is dier need of some TLC.

There are plenty more features that Warzone could add in the future. Hopefully, 2022 will be the start of a promising new era.