Tommey & Almxnd win $30k Jack Link’s Warzone Season 2 Invitational: Final results

Theo Salaun
warzone jack links invitational season 2
Activision / Envy Gaming

Veteran Warzone duo of Tommey & Almxnd closed out a dominant performance in the Envy Gaming and Jack Link’s $30K Call of Duty: Warzone tournament on March 16. Here’s how all the action unfolded.

  • Tommey & Almxand continue their impressive form, taking out yet another Warzone event win as a duo.
  • Up and coming duo of Warz & Fifakill made a big splash in second place.
  • Aydan & Rated fell out earlier than most anticipated.

$30K Jack Link’s Warzone S2 Invitational: Placements

A huge $30,000 prize pool was up for grabs in the latest Jack Link’s Warzone tournament. As always, the most talented duos came out in full force to compete for the top spot. 16 teams started out in the event though only one came away with the lion’s share of the cash prize.

Current Placement Team
1st Tommey & Almxnd
2nd Warz & Fifakill
3rd SuperEvan & Newbz
4th Zlaner & HusKerrs
Top 6 Jowo & Stukawaki
Top 6 Destroy & Clutch Belk

$30K Jack Link’s Warzone S2 Invitational: Results & recap

The latest Jack Link’s Warzone event took place in a single day as action kicked off on Tuesday, March 16 at 2PM ET (11 AM PT) and lasted for more than nine hours.

16 teams dropped into the duo tournament and it took just about all day to narrow down the field. Big names like Swagg & Booya along with Teep & DougisRaw found themselves knocked out without winning a series. Meanwhile, certain duos went on an absolute tear through the event.

It was Tommey & Almxnd who made a clean run through the upper bracket, winning four matches back to back. They were met was Warsz & Fifakill in a grand final rematch shortly after beating them in the winner’s finals.

Despite a bracket reset coming through in the last series of the day, it was ultimately Tommey & Almxnd who closed the show.

Here’s a look at the final bracket for the $$30K Jack Link’s event.

Team Envy Jack Link's 30K bracket
The final bracket for the $30K Jack Link’s Invitational.

$30K Jack Link’s Warzone S2 Invitational: Teams

While rosters are always subject to change, these are the 16 duos expected to play in the March 16 tournament.

AverageJoeWo & Stukawaki
NuFo & RiskDrip
KaleiRenay & Pieman
SebasBeron & AAmerica
WarsZ & Fifakill_
Swagg & Booya
Rated & Aydan
SuperEvan & Newbz
ZLaner & HusKerrs
Jordy2d & Royalize
Destroy & ClutchBelk
Jukeyz & YKTDeleo
BobbyPoff & UnRationaL
TeeP & DougisRaw
Tommey & almond
Lucky Chamu & Repullze

$30K Jack Link’s Warzone S2 Invitational: Format

jack links envy warzone invitational format

The Jack Link’s and Envy Warzone Season 2 Invitational followed the traditional 2v2 Duos format in Quads that most top players seem to prefer (given its prevention of lobby RNG).

  • Duo Kill Race (in Quads)
  • 16-team, double-elimination bracket
  • Winners Bracket: two matches per round
  • Losers Bracket: one match per round

The total prize pool for the event was 30K, although it’s unclear how that wase distributed among the teams.