3 Black Ops weapons that should return in Cold War & Warzone Season 2

Tanner Pierce

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2 is just a few days away at this point and details about the season are scarce, so we thought it would be interesting to break down the guns we’d like to see return from previous COD games during Season 2.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is set to start on February 24, 2021, and just like the previous season, it’s more than likely set to bring new multiplayer maps, new Zombies experiences, and new weapons to the game.

Despite only being 9 days out, we have no official confirmation about what the season will bring, and only an unverified leak about a couple of weapons that might be released. But what about weapons that could return from previous CoD games, namely Black Ops 1?

Considering the return of the MAC-11 in BOCW, it’s entirely possible that old weapons make a comeback once again in Season 2. Here are three from the first game that we want to see.


Despite making an appearance in previous Black Ops games, players last saw the Dragonov in Modern Warfare (2019).

Right now, Black Ops Cold War is in desperate need of a new sniper rifle. Currently, players are still forced to work with the three that launched with the game – Pellington, Tundra, and M82 – and while they are formidable, it’s clear that the sniper section needs some love.

Because of that, and because the game currently doesn’t include a decent semi-auto sniper choice, the Dragonov from BO1 would fit perfectly. While the weapon hasn’t been an extremely popular choice in past CoD games, there’s a chance for the weapon to really shine here in BOCW, especially depending on the maps we get.

If they do add the Dragunov, let’s hope it’s not similar to the Modern Warfare counterpart, which was known for being one of the weaker weapons in the game.


The Galil is so popular that it has appeared in all four Black Ops games in some way.

This one is a no-brainer. The Galil is easily one of the most popular Assault Rifles in Black Ops history due to its high rate-of-fire, low recoil, and decent handling. It’s so popular that it’s made an appearance in one way, shape, or form in all four previous entries in the Black Ops series, almost making its inclusion in BOCW an inevitability.

While the game just got an assault rifle in the form of the Groza during Season 1, the Galil’s inclusion in Season 2 could help transition people away from the current metagame, and could even provide a new viable option within Warzone as well.


Rounding out our list is an LMG. Like the sniper category, the LMG selection is pretty limited in Black Ops Cold War, with players only having access to the same 3 available since launch.

Because of this, a new one would be perfect for the game, specifically the HK21 from Black Ops 1. For those that remember it, the weapon had a solid rate of fire, as well as some of the lowest recoil in its class. If Treyarch brought the same weapon over to BOCW, it has the potential to be a powerhouse.

LMGs aren’t really highly-used weapons within Black Ops Cold War, so it’s possible the release of a new one could have the potential to change that – regardless of whether or not it’s the HK21,

There you have it – three classic Black Ops guns that we believe could have a nice spot in Cold War & Warzone. Let us know which weapons you’d like to see added in Season 2 by tweeting at us @Dexertointel.