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3 beginners tips to help you in the Black Ops Cold War Alpha

Published: 19/Sep/2020 0:19

by Tanner Pierce


The Black Ops Cold War Alpha is officially here for PlayStation 4 players, and it very feels pretty different when compared to other Call of Duty games. Here’s some beginner’s tips to help you out the next time you jump into the pre-release version.

The Black Ops Cold War Alpha is finally here for everyone on PlayStation 4. After being available for press, media, and content creators a couple weeks back, Activision decided to make the pre-release version of the game available to all PlayStation 4 players, regardless of whether or not they pre-ordered the game.

If you jumped into it, however, you’ll notice that it’s very different to other Call of Duty games, especially when you compare it to something like Modern Warfare or Warzone, the most recent entries in the series. Because of this, we compiled some tips to help you out in this fresh landscape.


1. Throw out all your strategies and play-styles from Modern Warfare

For better or for worse, Black Ops Cold War is an entirely different beast when compared to Modern Warfare. Whether its the way guns behave, the felling of movement, etc., the game feels nothing like the 2019 title. Even features that carry over from that game, like the Gunsmith, feel relatively different overall.

Because of this, it’s a good idea if you just leave that all behind. Seriously, forget everything you learned while playing Modern Warfare, because it won’t help you with this one. Instead, it’s better if you just play a couple matches and get feel for the everything the game has to offer. You’ll be better off that way.


2. Don’t mess around with Create-A-Class right off the bat

This one is a bit strange, but it’ll help you get used to the way the game feels. When you jump into the title for the first time, don’t mess around with the Create-A-Class options. You won’t know how anything handles, and you’ll just generally not have a good time.

Instead, you should play a couple matches and get used to how the game controls and feels. Because its so different than last year’s title, players of those games might have a hard time deciding what they want to use, even if the Create-A-Class systems are extremely similar to one another.


3. Play your objectives if you have them

This might be obvious, but it’s vitally important in Black Ops Cold War. Playing your objectives in this game will not only help your team win the match, but it’s now crucial if you want to get your scorestreaks. While these rewards have always required more than their kill-based brethren, they now have insanely high requirements.

RC-XD’s require 600 points, Spy Plane’s require 800 points, and, worst of all, large-scale streak’s require a few thousand points. This means that, unless you really want to spend the time getting 6 kills to get your RC-XD, you’ll have to play your objectives.


All in all, these tips are only partially useful. Obviously, practice makes perfect when it comes to this kind of stuff, but it’ll allow you to not have as frustrating of a time when you jump into your first matches.