Almond & kenzrosey win $25K Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout event: Final results

Toronto Ultra $25K Warzone Payout event graphicsActivision / Toronto Ultra

The latest $25,000 Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout event just went down as Almond & kenzrosey secured the win in the second biggest Warzone tournament of the month. If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with a full look at the results below.

  • Almond & kenzrosey win without dropping a single map.
  • $25,000 prize split among top four teams.
  • Double-elimination kill-race format.

Toronto Ultra’s Warzone Payout series just returned for another round. As high-stakes events closed out the month of March, this $25K tourney came just hours out from the $100K Caldera Challenge finals.

As expected, all the usual suspects lined up to compete as Warzone’s finest looked to take home another chunk of change for their efforts.

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From who performed the best to how you can rewatch the tourney, we’ve got you covered with a full breakdown of all there is to know.

$25K Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team Prize
1st Almond & kenzrosey $12,500
2nd Dirty & Slacked $7,500
3rd Brittney & Newbz $3,000
4th Danii & ScummN $2,000
Top 6 tdawgsmitty & Braalik
UncivilQueen & SuperEvan
Top 8 Royalize & Destroy
JoeWo & bearpigcentral

$25K Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout: Results & Recap

As one of the biggest tournaments of the month, Ultra’s latest Payout event was stacked with elite talent. 24 Duos loaded into the opening round ready to give it their all, but Caldera wasn’t exactly kind to all visitors on the day.

For the likes of Warzone stars like HusKerrs, Rated, and Tommey, their runs came to an unceremonious end. Before they could find their footing, these accomplished pros were all knocked out in the first lower bracket round.

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Meanwhile, pushing through the upper bracket, was none other than Almond & kenzrosey. Together, the Duo had a flawless day, cruising through five rounds of competition without dropping a single map.

Only needing to win one best of three in the finals, it was just a matter of time before Almond & kenzrosey cleaned house, taking out Dirty & Slacked to secure the top spot.

$25K Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout: Streams & Schedule

The latest Toronto Ultra Payout event kicked off at 3PM EST | 12PM PT on Monday, March 28. As kill races are always impossible to time, this particular event ran for just over eight hours in total.

No different from usual, the $25K tournament was streamed live on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. Though as always, fans could also tune into their favorite players directly, as all competitors were required to stream their POV.

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$25K Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout: Format & Prize Pool

The $25K Toronto Ultra Warzone event featured a standard double-elimination kill-race format. 24 Duos clashed in Caldera as players pushed for the most kills possible in every map.

While $25K was on the line, only the top four teams walked away with cash in their pockets when all was said and done. Below is a quick breakdown of the full prize pool payout:

  • 1st Place – $12,500
  • 2nd Place – $7,500
  • 3rd Place – $3,000
  • 4th Place – $2,000

$25K Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout: Players & Teams

Given the caliber of this Warzone event, the scene’s top streamers and pros were all lining up to compete. The biggest names like Aydan, Tommey, and Swagg were just the tip of the iceberg.

While Aydan seemingly leaked the full team list ahead of time, it appears plans changed in the lead-up to the event. More teams were allowed in and various Duos were shaken up before action got underway. Here’s a full look at everyone that dropped in for the event.

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ShawnJGaming & Fifakill LEGIQN & UnRationaL p90princess & HusKerrs Swishem & Aydan
Overgirl & Tommey Braalik & tdawgsmitty Brittney & Newbz Kenz & Almond
JSmooth & ZLaner FiveByFive & Apathy Holly & FaZe Bloo Sebas & Jukeyz
IAMAngelikaa & Blazt JessieCooks & Exzachtt JaredFPS & Rated Dirty & Slacked
Bartonologist & Swagg UncivilQueen & SuperEvan Sparatkus & Nickool Royalize & Destroy
Danii & ScummN Smixie & Bbreadman QueenShadows & Intechs bearpigcentral & JoeWo

We’ll be sure to update you here if any changes are announced ahead of the event.