SamLovely & zColorss win $20K Code Red Women of Warzone event: Final Placements

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Code Red Women of Warzone
Activision / BoomTV

The final Warzone tournament of August is in the books as SamLovely & zColorss closed out the win in BoomTV’s $20K Code Red Women of Warzone tournament. Here’s a full recap of how it all unfolded.

  • SamLovely & zColorss secured $10,000 in first place.
  • 32 female captains competed in double-elim bracket.
  • Big names like Tommey & Aydan knocked out early.

In a month that was full of high-stakes Warzone tournaments, one final event closed things out on the very last day. $20,000 was up for grabs in the latest Code Red competition and we’ve got everything you need to catch up on the action.

Code Red Women of Warzone: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team Prize
1st SamLovely & zColorss $10,000
2nd AshleighSR & Xamzahofficial $6,000
3rd TheDanDangler & Fifakill $4,000
4th Overgirltv & A
Top 6 iSmixie & newbz
p90princess & HusKerrs
Top 8 QueenBitty & Rated
JessieCooks & UnRationaL

Code Red Women of Warzone: Results & Recap

With 32 stacked Duos lined up for the competition, it didn’t take long for heated matchups to get underway. Within the first hour the likes of ScummN, Aydan, Tommey, and SuperEvan all found themselves down and out in the first round of the lower bracket.

Finding more success in their runs, it was AshleighSR & Xamzahofficial who pushed through the upper bracket without faltering. Nine map wins in total secured their spot in the Grand Finals.

Meanwhile, SamLovely & zColorss went on a huge seven-game tear through the lower bracket to rebound and earn their spot in the finals.

Ultimately, it was SamLovely & zColorss who proved too strong in the last series of the day. Momentum was on their side as they closed out the win with a 2-1 map count.

Code Red Women of Warzone: Streams & Schedule

The latest Code Red Warzone event featured a hub stream on the BoomTV Twitch channel as the competition unfolded. This hub stream kept viewers on top of results as teams battled it out, though fans could also tune into their favorite players directly if they preferred.

Duos dropped into their first games at 1PM PT on August 31. As the format featured a double-elimination bracket in public lobbies, it was quite a lengthy tournament, running for over six hours in total.

Code Red Women of Warzone: Format

Throughout this $20,000 tournament, Duos joined one another and dropped into the Buy Back Quads playlist. These teams would then split in each lobby and race to secure as many kills as possible.

Winning Duos moved on through the upper bracket while losing Duos had a chance to regain in the lower bracket. With 32 Duos competing in total, this paved the way for many unique matchups.

Only the top three Duoswere able to walk away with their pockets loaded, however. Below is a quick breakdown of the final prize pool.

  • 1st – $10,000
  • 2nd – $6,000
  • 3rd – $4,000

Code Red Women of Warzone: Teams & Players

From popular streamers to veteran CoD stars, the latest Code Red event was stacked with talent. This time around, 32 female captains were locked in before inviting their Duo.

Below is a complete rundown on every player that dropped into the $20K Women of Warzone tournament.

SamLovely & zColorss iSmixie & newbz p90princess & HusKerrs Natarsha & zSmit
MissXRA & ScummN Qrissy & Mvriiooo JessieCooks & UnRationaL NadiaAmine & SuperEvan
SenseiSwishem & intechs Misssweets8 & Aydan naicolll & pelukaa ntshay & Flxnked
Hmay & GooeyGuyy QueenShadows & Almond Inviicta & TestyFPS Colliena & bbreadman
Kenzrosey & Stukawaki Holly & Jerky26 celyxo & Skullface49 IMAngelikaa & Fxzzn
QueenRoyalize & Royalize Overgirltv & A PinkhufyTV & ShiftyTV AshleighSR & Xamzahofficial
TheDanDangler & fifkill QueenBitty & Rated Kalei & ZLaner brittneyraines & Tommey
PIPANIE & Zepa amberwolf1234 & ImMrVictor Itzdania & thejdevise FIVEBYFIVE & Jukeyz

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