14-year old Warzone player carries his Dad to new Duos World Record

Infinity Ward/Activision

A 14-year old Portuguese streamer and his Dad have set a new kill record for Duos in Warzone. It’s fair to say the young sharpshooter carried the team to victory as well, picking up 61 of the 79 kills in the game.

Breaking a Warzone kill record is incredibly difficult and a challenge for even the best Call of Duty players, especially in Duos. Both members of the squad need to be playing perfectly and even then, it may not be a match that allows you to get as many kills as you would want.

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Well, a 14-year old streamer has proven that you can carry a player to a Duos kill record if you’re talented enough at the game.

The 14-year old streamer picked up 17,000 damage in the record match.

Warzone Duos record broken with 79 kills

To be a record breaker, you have to be ruthlessly aggressive and be on the lookout for any players to take down. That’s exactly how 14-year old streamer Bruno ‘Nistaf’ Silva smashed the previous record and carried his dad to the victory. In a single match, the young prodigy picked up 61 kills and dealt over 17,000 damage. In total, the pair managed to reach 79 kills, breaking the previous feat of 76.

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There’s no doubt Nistaf has a talent for the game at a very young age and looks to have a bright future in Call of Duty. We reached out to his dad, BabaYuki, and asked him when he realized his son was incredibly skilled at FPS’s: “He has thousands of hours in Minecraft, but also put time into PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite… that’s where I saw his real talent”.

BabaYuki even revealed the pair didn’t realize they had broken the record until someone told them: “We did not know it was the world record… we just saw at some point of the game that we were split up and that he could break his own personal record of 48 kills.”

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It’s fair to say breaking the Duos kill record on Warzone is a great way to start 2021. From here, it will be interesting to see what Nistaf can achieve, and whether he opts to begin participating in tournaments.

Either way, it’s a massive achievement for a 14-year old and by the looks of it, he’s only just getting started.